Apr 25, 2023
by Sofia de la Cruz
Brain Dead and Space Available Challenge Disposable Culture With ‘The Mycelium Network’
by Sofia de la Cruz
Apr 25, 2023

Brain Dead has proved many times to be more than just a streetwear label. Through its commitment to community, the spotlighting of subcultures, and ambition to support artists and designers from around the world, the LA-based design studio strives to push the boundaries of cultural and design change.

The imprint takes pride in its disruptive, graphic-led approach and espouses the idea of representing the “space between people,” rather than a singular person or idea. As a natural extension of this ethos, in 2021 Brain Dead collaborated with Dickies to launch “Fabrications” – a space located in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles, catered to those who embrace the value of craftsmanship.

In the beginning, the duo’s attention was directed towards blending Dickies‘ workwear legacy with Brain Dead’s outside-of-the-box visuals. Eventually, this partnership led to the establishment of an art space that unleashed creativity, inaugurated by a collaboration with contemporary artist Michael Decker.

Now, Brain Dead has partnered with Space Available, a design company that advocates the use of biomaterials, to showcase their latest exhibition, The Mycelium Network. The showcase features a range of furniture and design objects that aim to challenge our throwaway culture by highlighting entirely natural and biodegradable pieces.

Taking inspiration from Space Available’s recent collection, Radical Fungi, The Mycelium Network exhibition showcases a variety of innovative sculptural objects, including a meditation chair, footballs created in collaboration with Max Lamb, mycelium table lamps, Reishi-based speakers from Myco Audio and Baltimore Loth, and organic mushroom stools from British designer Dean Edmonds.

Space Available expressed in a statement: “We firmly believe that biomaterials are the future, and our collaboration with the cult brand Brain Dead serves as an opportunity to amplify this message, leading to positive impacts within the cultural and design landscape.”

The Mycelium Network exhibit is currently open to the public at Brain Dead Fabrications in LA, showcasing a range of unique and sustainable design objects that offer an alternative to disposable culture. Take a look at the innovative objects in the gallery above.

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