Jun 14, 2023
by Sofia de la Cruz
Gubi and Noah’s New Collaboration Fuses Danish and American Coastal Styles
by Sofia de la Cruz
Jun 14, 2023

Gubi, the renowned Danish design powerhouse and Noah, the iconic fashion destination in New York, have joined forces to curate a collection that harmoniously blends the best elements from both industries.

This exciting collaboration, which made its debut at Copenhagen’s 3daysofdesign festival last week, effortlessly blends Gubi’s Scandinavian heritage with Noah’s subculture-driven East Coast ethos, resulting in a cutting-edge and timeless reinterpretation of summer designs, capturing the essence of fluidity in aesthetics and functionality and pushing them to a new level of a contemporary feel.

Marie Kristine Schmidt, Gubi’s Chief Brand Officer, expressed in a statement accompanying the release, “The coastal way of life is rooted in freedom and flexibility – it is light, bright, airy and effortless. Gubi x Noah’s fresh take on the ‘MR01 Lounge Chair’ and the accompanying clothing collection perfectly embodied this coastal state of mind. Seamlessly bridging indoor and outdoor, evoking a maritime lifestyle and introducing bold and vibrant colors that brought joy and evoked visions of coastal living.”

The collaboration showcases a special edition series of Gubi’s iconic “MR01 Outdoor Lounge Chair,” originally designed by Mathias Steen Rasmussen. This chair stood out with its invigorating color palette and low-seat design, promoting relaxation and introspection. Crafted with iroko wood suitable for outdoor use, it features a distinctive rope seat made from high-performance, waterproof polyester commonly found in speed sailing. Noah’s expert curation added a fresh color palette of yellow, royal blue, navy and gray, enhancing its allure. With its laid-back design and lightweight construction, this chair is adaptable to various environments, making it ideal for gardens, patios and indoor spaces.

Estelle Bailey-Babenzien, Co-Founder of Noah, further explained: “The design of the ‘MR01’ was so timeless that I wanted to add an artistic expression and practical element as an alternative to something that was already perfect, thus incorporating a weatherproof nautical rope. I envisioned four chairs sitting together on the beach all afternoon and into the evening, infusing intentional vibrancy into every space and making a concise, positive statement.”

In addition to the chair, the Gubi x Noah collection’s fashion capsule presents an array of aesthetically-refined, beach-practical items. This includes oversized beach towels, water-resistant hats, swim shorts, tote bags and boat-neck sweaters, each meticulously crafted with striped patterns that complemented and enriched the chair’s color palette. Notably, these accessories showcase a vibrant interpretation of the renowned Gubi fish logo, elegantly displayed in an exclusive rainbow color scheme specifically developed for the Gubi x Noah collaboration.

Brendon Babenzien, Co-founder of Noah and former design director of Supreme, added: “Water had always been an integral element in the Noah lifestyle, so it naturally found its way into the design. Growing up in a coastal community, the nautical style became a part of your personal expression. We were drawn to the Gubi logo and believed it would work incredibly well on a few simple items. We carefully selected items and colors that evoked a sense of being near the sea.”

While sustainability was not the central focus of this collaboration, Noah is widely recognized for prioritizing tradition, expertise and human dignity over profits. The label manufactures its goods in countries, mills and factories that align with these values and donates portions of its profits to causes it believes in. As part of their commitment to environmental causes, Noah became a member of 1% for the Planet in 2019, pledging to donate 1% of their annual sales to support grassroots environmental nonprofits.

The collection will be available from June 15 via Noah’s physical stores in New York, Osaka and Tokyo, at Storm Fashion in Copenhagen and online at Gubi and Noah’s website.