Jun 19, 2023
by Karl Smith
Space Available and Western Hydrodynamic Research Link to Teach Radical Recycling
by Karl Smith
Jun 19, 2023

Having dedicated much time to public spaces and events – 2022’s Museum of Space Available and a recent mycelium exhibition in Los Angeles are but two of many – Dan Mitchell’s Space Available are taking that sense of community to the next logical step: education.

While previous endeavors have certainly aimed to educated and expand horizons in a broader sense, the Circular Design Academy is specifically dedicated to passing on the knowledge accrued by brands and material innovators working in planet-friendlier ways.

With circularity firmly at the fore, “The school aims to provide a hands-on learning experience centered around nature’s principles of regeneration and circularity.” And, in doing so, will be “Championing the new radical movement of cultural circularity across upcycling, recycling, and biodesign.”

Having held its inaugural workshop on home turf in Bali back at the start of June, the second instalment – CDA002 ‘Radically Recycling Plastic Waste’ – will take place in Paris on June 22nd.

Taking up the position held by London-based Greater Goods and radical weaving pioneers Nano Uhero, the Paris edition will feature California label Western Hydrodynamic Research as its tutor.

With its usual grassroots approach of i progress, the CDA002 workshop will be focused on “radically recycling plastic waste from the neighborhood,” to be transformed and “used on collaborative products with WHR (Western Hydrodynamic Research) x Space Available.”

While the strictly-limited course is open to all — so long, that is, as space remains available – the workshop is billed as being intended for those specifically interested in “enhancing their creativity and systems thinking through collaboration and with a mission to change the perception of what is commonly known as waste.”

Registration is open now, via the Space Available website, and will likely fill up fast. So, if this sounds good to you – and why wouldn’t it? – sign up now. And, of course, keep your eyes peeled for the third edition – doubtlessly coming soon.