Apr 07, 2022
by Carolina Sandeman
Suri Is the New Sustainable Wellness Brand Innovating the Electric Toothbrush
by Carolina Sandeman
Apr 07, 2022

Hailing from the UK, SURI is the new sustainable wellness brand that is innovating the electric toothbrush. The brand has created an eco-friendly electric toothbrush to give customers a more sustainable option and help reduce the oral care industry’s carbon footprint.

This new sustainable toothbrush brings into the market a different, stylish and environmentally conscious choice, mostly made from plant-based and recyclable materials that provide a better clean with lower environmental repercussions.

Around four billion toothbrushes are disposed of yearly, and the vast majority of models aren’t recyclable in common recycling streams. Although studies show that electric models provide a better cleaning result and reduce dental conditions, these are also the worst in terms of carbon footprint.

Over the past couple of years, we have seen the rise of the bamboo manual toothbrush as society has started to transition to more sustainable daily items; but there’s been a gap within the market for those that would rather use an electric toothbrush.

The Sustainable Sonic Toothbrush has a handle made from aluminum and the head is made from plant-based material. Developed with the possibility of repairing the toothbrush in mind, unlike other electric brushes, the SURI’s body can simply be taken apart to fix any problem or recycle the product.

Under a subscription plan, you get a lifetime guarantee, replacement brush heads every one to three months, and you also qualify for maintenance, free of charge. The brand also offers an easy mail-back recycling program for all their products, guaranteeing that none of them end up in a landfill or in our oceans.

The brush holds a 30-plus day charge due to its long-lasting rechargeable battery, and the sonic technology delivers 33,000 brush movements per minute, giving the user not only an eco-friendlier option but also healthier teeth and a brighter smile!

The name SURI is short for “sustainable rituals,” and it was founded by two ex-employees of P&G, the multinational personal care and hygiene conglomerate. With their combined years of experience, the duo decided to build a company that aided the industry’s environmental impact by improving the current paradigm of sustainable innovation.

The pair is devoted to using as many recyclable and biodegradable materials as they can throughout the brand’s product range simultaneously operating the business with a net positive environmental impact.

“Mark and I want to create a company that delivers the next generation of personal care, one that champions products that make you feel great, look good in your bathroom, and have minimal impact on our planet,” explained SURI co-founder, Gyve Safavi.

“Lockdown presented us with an opportunity to leave our corporate backgrounds behind, put our experience to good use, and our efforts into creating a more sustainable electric option. While we know there’s still more that needs to be done, we were determined to make a significant step-change and introduce an electric toothbrush that is more sustainable but doesn’t compromise on the quality of the clean.”

Beyond the Sustainable Sonic Toothbrush, SURI’s new innovative thinking extends into the accessories that go along with it. These include a UV-C LED light clean and charge travel case and a magnetic call-mountable toothbrush stand. You can charge the travel case through USB, and always have your brush at the ready while also killing 99% of bacteria build-up with the UV-C LED cleaning lights in the case.

You can pre-order the SURI electric toothbrush on and expect a release this spring. The brand is also offering a 40 percent pre-launch reduction that includes the toothbrush, magnetic wall-mountable stand and UV-Light clean and charge case for $97 USD, usually valued at $161 GBP.