Oct 17, 2022
by James Roberts
These Cycling Bags From RÆBURN and Wizard Works Are Made From Protective Police Gear
by James Roberts
Oct 17, 2022

Christopher Raeburn and his team are always finding new materials to work with in the strangest of places. Last month we reported on KIT:BAG by RÆBURN, a selection of tote bags made from old soccer jerseys. This month, the East London design studio has found its next unlikely material source: a peeler suit.

A peeler suit is a super strong and durable bit of protective gear worn by the likes of firefighters and the police. We’re not sure where RÆBURN sourced these but we can be certain that it’s put them to good use, by re-making them into this small collection of cycling bags.

RÆBURN is not alone in this venture. It has collaborated with Wizard Works, a small London-based brand that makes bikepacking bags. Together, they have produced a capsule of three cycling bags, designed to fit the ever-popular VanMoof bike but will actually fit any other bike.

The strength and durability of the peelers suit comes from its three layer construction. On the outside is a compact-weave layer which is then supported by layers of breathable membranes and kevlar. The material is waterproof, fire-retardant, and tear, cut and abrasion resistant. It can handle anything you can throw at it. Making it perfect for bags which could be strapped to a bike frame for days at a time.

There are three bags on offer, in various sizes and designed to fit different parts of your bike. The Voila Stem Bag is for your everyday small items like your phone and keys. Next up is the Lil Presto Barrel Bag which can fit a bit more such as an extra layer or snacks for the road. Finally, there’s the Framemoof Bag which tucks into your frame and can hold heavier items like a repair kit or pump.

All are made with the peeler suit material and feature a deadstock water-resistant liner and durable webbing. The original dark colors of the peeler suits are on show, contrasted with the vivid orange of the liner. The bags are dual branded and feature RÆBURN’s philosophy of RÆMADE, RÆDUCED, RÆCYCLED.

This small capsule, made in collaboration with a small brand, shows RÆBURN’s desire to find new Earth-friendly ways of working. It’s an attitude that many brands could learn from. Inspiration can come from the most unexpected sources.

Shop the collection of bags on the RÆBURN website.