Oct 01, 2022
by James Roberts
The adidas All-gender and Recyclable Made To Be Remade Apparel Collection Is for Everyone
by James Roberts
Oct 01, 2022

You’d be forgiven for not remembering all the initiatives that brands have developed in pursuit of more sustainable design. adidas is one of those brands. So, here’s a quick reminder of what it’s been working on before an update on its latest collection.

First up, is Made To Be Remade. This is adidas’s customer recycling initiative. Customers can return worn products that have reached the end of their life to be broken down and remade into something new. Its aim is to reduce plastic waste and prevent harmful materials from entering our planet’s ecosystems.

Then there’s FUTURECRAFT.LOOP, which is a method of designing footwear with one material and no glue so that it can be easily recycled and remade.

Both these initiatives work in tandem to create apparel and footwear with circularity in mind. In an exhibition at Design London 2022 entitled “Chasing Circularity”, adidas explored the journey it’s been on since it launched FUTURECRAFT.LOOP in 2019. As the journey continues, it revealed its new Made to Be Remade collection which includes pieces by Stella McCartney, a new Ultraboost colorway and an all-gender apparel capsule.

The all-gender apparel uses a system called UNITEFIT which means the items can fit a spectrum of sizes, genders, and forms. The French Terry Hoodie, Woven Joggers and Big Badge of Sport T-shirt all use this system, making the pieces available to anyone and everyone. There are also a range of men and women specific running apparel made with sweat-wicking AEROREADY materials. The collection is strong and bold, finished in black and white with vibrant orange to make it pop.

The new Made To Be Remade Ultraboost offering comes in a Core Black/FTW white colorway. The torsion bar is made in part with recycled content from the FUTURECRAFT.LOOP Gen 2, meaning that shoes returned by customers are already being fed back into the loop. It’s great to see the system working. Once worn out, customers can scan the QR code on the shoe, access the adidas app and bring the product back to adidas.

Speaking on the brand’s progress, Christopher Wheat, Product Manager, adidas Running, said:

“As a brand, we are always trying to push boundaries – whether that is through new ways to extend the lifespan of our products or through making our products more inclusive. This latest Made To Be Remade drop is another step forward on our mission to create better choices for consumers and the planet, as runners can not only experience all the benefits they expect from a traditional Ultraboost and adidas sportswear, but also make a choice that helps makes a difference. In addition to this, we are also very proud to introduce our all-gender sportswear apparel look, demonstrating our commitment to break down barriers and design inclusive clothing for everyone. We hope it inspires, invigorates, and showcases adidas’ shift toward gender fluidity in fashion in a stylish and powerful way.”

There are lots of initiatives, systems, sub-brands and names to get your head around. But, if anything, it’s indicative of the huge push for innovative, Earth-friendly products. And that can only be a good thing.

The Made To Be Remade collection and Ultraboost are available to shop now on