Jun 09, 2022
by Carolina Sandeman
adidas Puts Comfort First In AW22 Sportswear Capsule
by Carolina Sandeman
Jun 09, 2022

German sportswear brand, adidas, has just launched its latest sportswear capsule for FW22. Rooted in comfort at the core of sports, the brand tapped different stars to feature in the campaign, including US gymnast Nia Dennis who previously starred in the brand’s campaign for the “Agent of Kindness” collection by Stella McCartney.

Picking up on current mindset trends, this new collection focuses on how younger generations keep traditions alive by innovating them through how they live in today’s world. Particularly, how they choose to leave behind the pressures set out by older generations and embrace placing comfort at the forefront of the values that guide them through life.

To fully understand this idea, adidas set out to research more about the rising cozy fit. The research revealed that nine in ten think that the clothes they wear have an impact on how mentally comfortable they feel, and more than three quarters expressed that they’re more likely to succeed in different areas of life when starting from a place of actual comfort.

Taking these findings into account the sportswear capsule collection was developed for the ultimate comfort level, whether at home or out in the streets. Catering to both men and women and offering casual pieces with a stylish fit.

“We know that when it comes to self-confidence for the next generation, being comfortable with who they are and what they wear has a huge impact on their lives and is the single inspiration for the drop,” said JoAberg, Vice President of Design at adidas when speaking about the collection. “With comfort at the core of each piece, the stripped-back designs offer ample diversity when it comes to fitting and pairings. From top to bottom, the silhouettes combine relaxed fit with elevated cuts and detailing to level up the wearer’s everyday looks which can seamlessly transition from the day into night.”

The collection features a range of comfortable pieces, both for men and women, many of which are made in part with recycled materials. The key women pieces are a rib dress, an oversized hoodie, and a ribbed crop top and biker shorts set. The dress is black and features a straight minimal silhouette, while the ribbed set is a muted pastel tone that pairs perfectly with the slouchy white hoodie. For men, the brand developed a classic and an oversized tee, woven pants, a coach jacket, and a fleece hoodie and shorts set. The coach jacket and woven pants pay tribute to sport heritage and both have an oversized relaxed fit. The fleece set also features an oversized and baggy look that makes it extremely comfortable.

The campaign features different next-generation trendsetters, counting the presence of global award-winning actress Hoyeon, US gymnast sensation Nia Dennis, American football superstar Tua Tagovailoa, and Chinese national sprinting champion Xie Zhenye.

“Opting for comfort continues to prove so valuable in many aspects of my life,” shared Hoyeon when talking about the campaign and collection. “Whether this be me taking a moment to relax on set and feel comfortable within myself before the next take or choosing looks that give me an inner confidence and comfort in my own skin, this mindset and approach continues to help me progress and evolve. This is largely why I was so drawn to adidas’ new capsule and feel so in tune with the message it’s inspired by. The pieces really capture the beauty and balance between minimalistic design, cosy fit and stylish aesthetic. The signature piece for me is the ribbed dress with its subtle detailing which elevates its simplicity and gives a fresh everyday look.”

In the campaign they discuss how picking comfort when it comes to their mind and body has improved their confidence, provided them with more head space and with the capacity to handle any challenge in their progress.

“Finding a way to channel and achieve inner comfort has supported me throughout many career moments, especially when performing on some of the biggest sporting stages,” explained Xie Zhenye when discussing the campaign and collection. “It has helped me ease internal pressure and has provided an added confidence, pushing me on to help break records. adidas’ new campaign and the message behind it is something I really connect with, especially the notion that many feel more ambitious when in a state of comfort. I truly believe that once you find a way to be comfortable, you can achieve so much! It becomes an invisible power, that pushes me to have more energy and reach an even faster speed. And that goes for physical comfort too! When what you’re wearing looks and feels good there are no distractions. You can be comfortable to just be you.”

You can purchase the sportswear collection worldwide from June 15, on the adidas website, as well as in store and on the brand’s app. Early access is available from June 9