adidas Launches Infinite Play Rental Program in France

Exclusively available in France, adidas has officially launched Infinite Play Rental, where adventurers can rent technical adidas Terrex apparel and footwear for their next outdoor excursion, and return the items back to the brand for fellow explorers to wear. 

Aimed at ‘simplifying access to the outdoors,’ Infinite Play Rental is touted as an easy four step process. First you plan your adventure, including location, dates, what activities you hope to take up, and maybe even climate conditions. Then, based on the aforementioned plan, you rent the appropriate gear, be it some trail running sneakers, a water-resistant GORE-TEX jacket, or so much more. On the product page, you can filter items by the type of activities you’re doing. adidas even curates bundle packs based on certain adventures.


Once you have chosen the items you need and the dates you need them, adidas will then ship them directly to you. Step three is simple: explore. Go out and put your rented adidas Terrex gear to the test.

The last step is to return your items. “Keep the memories, return the gear,” as adidas puts it. No matter the condition, the sportswear brand will take back your rented products, then sort, inspect, repair, clean, and relist the items on its rental website.

To get Infinite Play Rental off the ground, adidas tapped the Paris-based software and consulting company Lizee. With the goal of mitigating the environmental impact of retail, Lizee provides a full-service rental program to retailers and brands, including the management software, training programs, and even refurbishing the returned rental goods.


This new rental project is just the latest extension of Infinite Play, an ongoing initiative where adidas is building new ways to keep products in play for longer. It launched in 2019 with a takeback program in conjunction with Stuffst, where for a limited time and only in the UK, adidas was accepting old and used adidas products in exchange for gift cards and loyalty club points.  

adidas is expected to bring its takeback program to the United States later this year. For now, Infinite Play Rental is exclusively available in France with adidas Terrex products only, but you can explore the website and its offerings now.  

In other adidas news, the sportswear brand unveiled its first collaborative sneaker with Allbirds, one that has the lowest carbon footprint yet, from either brand.