Feb 11, 2023
by Karl Smith
adidas Celebrates Earth and Athletic Excellence With Sustainable Boston Marathon Jacket
by Karl Smith
Feb 11, 2023

Running has always been good for you. Running outside, with the fresh air (and the elements bearing down), even more so. That’s not really up for debate. But the aesthetics of running, and in particular the aesthetics – both physical and sartorial – of running outside (with the fresh air, and the elements bearing down on you), haven’t always measured up. In short: just because it feels good, doesn’t mean it looks good.

In the last few years, though, that’s all begun to change. Brands, including more niche outfits like Satisfy and household sportswear names like adidas, have reframed what running looks like without falling into the impossible trap of trying to change what it means or rebrand the act itself.

It makes sense, then, that this eternal pursuit and its newer-found sense style would combine in an effort to celebrate the act, the artistry, and the world in which it all takes place: a sustainable effort, created by adidas, to mark the 127th Boston Marathon.

Designed in partnership with the Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.), the freshly-unveiled Celebration track jacket is a testament not only to running’s sporting legacy but also – crafted from a minimum 70% recycled content, including yarn from 50% Parley Ocean Plastic – as the prestige centerpiece of its 2023 Boston Marathon collection, its sustainable future.

As the official supplier of footwear and apparel to the renowned sporting event, it should come as no surprise that adidas describes the jacket as boasting “innovative, lightweight fabrics, trims and silhouettes” to foster athletic performance. That, after all, is what adidas does.

Having done so “with the goal of minimal environmental impact,” however – particularly when it comes to the collection’s most-loved offering – is very much worth mentioning and, well, celebrating.

Paying tribute to Earth and athletics, the jacket taps into a color scheme appropriate for both: a nod to the classic Boston Marathon blue and yellow, toned down to a palette of more neutral hues reflecting sand and stone.

Launching online and exclusively at physical locations in Boston from February 15th – two months before the Marathon on April 17th – the Celebration jacket is set to retail for $120 USD. And elsewhere, in other running news, check out the latest eco-designed athletic sneaker from Circle Sportswear.