May 23, 2022
by Carolina Sandeman
adidas Yoga Make Space Collection Celebrates Yoga For All
by Carolina Sandeman
May 23, 2022

adidas’ latest launch comes in the yoga realm. The Yoga Make Space Collection is its most recent debut and part of the brand’s pledge to guarantee that everyone has the opportunity to experience the benefits of sport. With this in mind, the campaign delves into how yoga has improved the life of different athletes and partners from distinct sporting, cultural and artistic backgrounds, and why they enjoy doing this form of exercise.

“Although my yoga journey only restarted again recently, after first trying it out during lockdown, I have deep admiration for the practice and understand first-hand the benefits that can be derived from it,” explained football star Paulo Dybala. “Not only does it complement my training on the football pitch, but it also gives me a space and time to fully focus on myself and my mind. Despite still being a beginner, the practice has already been rewarding from a physical and mental perspective, and has increased my flexibility and balance, as well as improved my concentration.”

Originating centuries ago in India, the practice of yoga has a deep-rooted heritage in spirituality, benefiting both the body and the mind. Its ultimate goal is to connect the body to the universe, starting with the body, then breathing, the mind, and lastly the inner self.

“For me, my time on the mat is a dedicated moment to check in and be honest with myself about how I am feeling,” shared international yoga instructor Adriene Mishler. “Though I have been on this journey for so long, I still experience the benefits of yoga, but just in a different way than when I first started. Some of my best ideas come from the instances where I create space to do nothing, which is something I have been able to carve out so beautifully through practicing yoga, in so many different settings and moments in my life. There is no better feeling than getting off the mat and feeling more connected to myself.”

The collection reflects how the practice of yoga can be diverse and have a different meaning for each person. In order to accommodate any style of yoga, the designs take into account multiple spaces and conditions, including a studio, outside, or by water.

The Yoga Make Special Collection caters to both adults and children, offering clothing and accessories. This launch saw the brand introduce a couple of its latest material innovations. One of these being the AEROREADY material. Present throughout the collection, it provides moisture control and moves with the body through exercises adding to the pieces’ comfort. The other material used was the WIND.RDY for protection against the elements. Besides using these new material innovations, the pieces are partially made with recycled materials, contributing to adidas’ aim to aid in ending plastic waste.

This launch was inspired by the four elements — fire, water, wind and earth — and each element has pieces within its category. The women’s collection includes a onesie, a top, shorts, a training bra, tights, and a windbreaker. As for the men’s collection, the brand developed a yoga tank tee and a pair of pants, as well as a yoga tee and shorts combo.

You can already purchase the adidas Yoga Make Space Collection worldwide on, in stores or via the adidas app.