Feb 11, 2022
by James Roberts
Byredo and BentGableNits Have Crafted a Collection of Gifts That Is Full of Memories
by James Roberts
Feb 11, 2022

European luxury brand, Byredo, and design collective, BentGableNits, have created a capsule collection of one-of-a-kind objects called Vintage Bloom. The collection comprises three items including an eau de parfum, a blanket and a T-shirt that use upcycled vintage fabrics and traditional, artisanal techniques. The result is a set of personal and thoughtful gifts.

Toronto-based BentGableNits is the collective that has previously reworked vintage Levi’s, Carhartt jackets and Nike sweaters. In this collaboration, its designers have used foraged fabrics to provide bespoke wrapping for Byrendo’s objects and to create new items, designed as gifts.

The central piece is the Only You Beauty Box. This box contains Byredo’s Bibliothèque eau de parfum and candle, kept safe in silk velvet pouches lined with painter’s cloth. Also inside is a deadstock T-shirt, brought back to life with hand-embroidery, vintage needle work and velvet trim. The box itself is decorated with tea-dyed cheesecloth.

The T-shirt is available as a separate item. It is embroidered with both brand’s names and the phrase “collective memories.” The extensive use of found fabrics, which have all lived lives previously, speaks to this idea. Each textile has a memory which the new owner will inherit.

Angelo Nitsopoulus, creative director at BentGableNits, explains in his own way: “[both brands] strive to create an environment where the individual is celebrated, whether that is through a scent or a piece of cloth, it is about collective memories.”

The Never Alone blanket completes the collection. Made from a luxurious blend of virgin wool and cashmere (thus, not vegan-friendly), the blanket also features hand-stitched appliqué that uses vintage and deadstock fabrics. The blanket comes in its own velvet silk embroidered drawstring pouch.

At every point in the collection there is the presence of the maker’s hand. Hand-stitching, hand-embroidery and hand-placed details mean that every item is unique. Thought has been given to every item. The collection is, as the brands say, an “ode to craftsmanship.”

This thoughtfulness is mirrored in the fact that these objects are meant as gifts. Ben Gorham, founder and creative director at Byredo, says that in the gifts he has received “there was a thoughtfulness behind them, a sentiment intended to last beyond the initial gift-giving moment.”

What lies beyond the gift-giving moment for this collection? Well, the “wrapping” (if you could even call it that) is designed to be treasured and perhaps used again. There are no disposable plastics or papers inside. Instead, fabrics are used to protect gifts. The brands call it “permanent packaging.” This is a collection that strives to create zero waste, both in its production and in its life after it’s opened. What a gift that is.

The limited edition collection is available online and in Byredo stores now.

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