Jun 14, 2023
by James Roberts
Circle and Au Vieux Campeur Show Off Their Transparency Credentials in Their Running Collection
by James Roberts
Jun 14, 2023

Transparency is always refreshing in the fashion industry. Whether it’s brands telling consumers all they know about how and where their products were made, or new laws that prevent companies from greenwashing, honesty is the best policy is a mantra we can get behind.

That’s why we like the new collaboration between two French brands, Circle and Au Vieux Campeur. The capsule of trail running gear details the yarns, dyes and fabrics that go into each product, and the journey it went on to reach the stores. We’re not sure we need to know that the T-shirt consists of 49% recycled polyester from Italy, 43% recycled polyamide from Italy
and 8% Recycled Elastane Roica™ Eco Smart from Germany, but we’re glad Circle is telling us.

The collection is designed to help runners transition from “the urban environment to the grandeur of the mountains.” It combines the passions of each brand: the running specialists Circle (whose bio-sourced and biodegradable running shoe is still available to preorder), and Parisian outdoor enthusiasts Au Vieux Campeur. The latter has somewhat of a cult status in the world of mountaineering and climbing, thanks to its long history that dates back to 1941. It also has a history of environmentalism, collecting human-made waste from the natural world.

This tight collection features a trail running top, shorts and socks, and is finished in a simple, trail-ready color palette of green and black. Each piece features the slogan “Protect Our Playground” and the playful combination of the brands’ logos.

As well as being technically-minded to support the hot work of running through the mountains, these pieces are eco-conscious too. The lightweight and breathable fabrics are almost entirely made with recycled materials. As stated, we know what goes into all three items.

The T-shirt is 100% recycled, and includes a material called Elastane Roica™ Eco Smart which gives it its stretchy qualities. The fabrics and dyeing process are certified Oeko Tex® standard 100 without harmful chemicals.

The shorts are made from Newlife™, a material designed in Italy from post-consumer plastic bottles that are collected in the country, whilst the socks are made from 95% recycled polyamide and knitted in France. All manufacturing standards and certifications are given too.

Circle also details the distance each item has traveled compared to if it had been made in a more usual factory in China. Each travels less than 5,000km which is tiny compared to the 45,000km journey that clothing from Guanzhou takes by boat. They’re really just showing off at this point.

Once you’ve put the gear through its paces, you can scan a QR code on it to send it back to Circle and get a voucher. Circle says that it’ll take care of its second life, which we assume means recycled or upcycle rather than chuck in the trash. It does make sense. Its name is Circle afterall.

With the exception of the 5% virgin elastane that the socks use, this collection is pretty much faultless. Both Circle and Au Vieux Campeur have made real efforts to ensure every piece does all it can to protect the playground we call home.

Dive into the details (and maybe shop the lot) on the Circle website.