Aug 12, 2022
by Mariana Martínez Barba
Daniel Arsham and Tomorrow Join Forces For Purpose-Driven Objects IV Life
by Mariana Martínez Barba
Aug 12, 2022

Dubbed “uniforms for a creative life” Daniel Arsham and Tomorrow have joined forces for a new brand–Objects IV Life–that is invoked by research, investigation, and exploration. Upon the Chapter 001 release just earlier this summer, the new line combines the artistic prowess of Daniel Arsham with the visionary workwear of Stefano Matinetto, CEO and Co-Founder of Tomorrow.

Characterized by a number of foundational silhouettes, the brand includes custom hardware that is crafted from deadstock materials from the past. Objects IV Life is also informed by several urban environments, re-interpreted for the present. Designs are crafted in New York City and London, with the garments later produced in Portugal and Los Angeles. It’s with this global rendering that Objects IV Life has inspired a spirit of inquiry.

Fueled by Daniel Arsham’s relentless creativity, the artist now brings his innovative approach to a new generation of consumers. His ability to merge fine art with popular culture makes him one of the landmark creatives of his time. With the new brand, Arsham and Tomorrow both have a shared ethos to build and execute clothes for a more eco-conscious way of living.

Chapter 001 saw functional outerwear revived. As Stefano poignantly shared in a press release, they intended to create clothes “not for a single season, but for a lifetime.” As a brand that continuously evolves as a work in progress, the collaborators emphasized the importance of the individual wearing the clothes just as much as the pieces themselves.

The collection’s responsibly crafted range included a Four Pocket Jacket, Workwear Blazer, Denim Jacket, Moleskin Hoodie Padded and Moleskin Shirt Jacket. Jeans and a number of key accessories like footwear and caps rounded out the purpose-driven attire.

Moreover, Objects IV Life has made a brilliant debut this summer not only because of its meticulous design but its responsible manufacturing. The brand’s positive innovation can be seen in two key main areas–materials and packaging. In order to maximize circular potential, fabrics are chosen for their high quality and durability that can later be reused. Materials such as cotton are deadstock or organic; polyester is made from recycled materials; and natural latex is used rather than synthetic. Objects IV Life is both minimal in design and usage. Boxes are 100% recyclable, and made from a minimum of 70% recycled content according to its website. Packaging is also finished off with water-based ink and secured with paper tape.

As for what we can expect from Objects IV Life in the future, Daniel Arsham provided some insight with an extensive interview with Highsnobiety. Arsham went on to explain, “for the next Chapter, there’s a little bit more color in it. One of the things about deadstock is that the weave varies from piece to piece. There’s a camo pattern I developed that’s based around the logo for Objects. Usually when I’m doing drawings, preparatory drawings for sculpture, I make notes. So I’ll make a drawing of a work that I want to create. So I developed a vaguely camo-esque pattern that’s used heavily in the second chapter.”

We look forward to the next installment of Objects IV Life as the brand continues to harness garments for a better future.

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