Mar 19, 2022
by James Roberts
Dockers and TRANSOMADICA Celebrate the Democratic Khaki
by James Roberts
Mar 19, 2022

There are a few iconic garments that you’ll find in the wardrobes of all kinds of subcultures. One of those is the khaki. From skateboarders to post-work laborers and everyone in between, khakis are a reliable, sturdy and simple option. A universal pant that can be worn by anyone.

One brand is more synonymous than others when it comes to the classic khaki and that’s Dockers. Since the mid 1980s, Dockers has been crafting khakis for all walks of life. Now, as a way to bridge its past with modern style, the brand has collaborated with vintage workwear and fashion archive TRANSNOMADICA.

Launched in 2020, TRANSNOMADICA is a vast resource of vintage pieces from the archive of Maurizio Donadi, a creative director with 40 years of experience in the fashion industry. Dockers and TRANSNOMADICA’s journey together began with Donadi curating an array of vintage Dockers pieces from the late 80s and early 90s.

The two brands have now created a collaborative collection inspired by those early days of Dockers, one that reimagines the ‘80s-style pleated khaki. The capsule is a range of gender-neutral garments including shirts, blazers, fleeces, T-shirts, parkas and, of course, khakis. The color schemes are khaki, un-dyed twill, and a patchwork mix of the two. Water-saving hemp and recycled nylon have been used to create the pieces.

The woven shirt, mock neck fleece, and unconstructed cotton twill blazer are all available in the three color schemes. The twill fishtail parka and a cotton T-shirt come in khaki only.

The pants come in the original belted style and an elasticated waist version. The patchwork color scheme — undyed on the front and khaki on the back — takes the iconic pant in a different direction. Still functional and reliable, the khakis have a more contemporary feel though still very classic, which should ensure that they’re enjoyed for years to come.

This idea is part of Donadi’s approach to design. An approach that “is never on the present but on what stuff could be once it’s lived in and used, hopefully for a very long time,” he says. The original Dockers, he goes on to say, “[are] a democratic pair of pants, no distinction.”

“Opportunities to resurface pieces of our heritage come up so often, and I think that speaks to the timelessness of this brand,” says Nick Rendic, Dockers Global Head of Design. “Classic will always be relevant, and that’s something Dockers has always done well.”

With a universal appeal, items of clothing can live longer lives. They might get thrown to the back of a wardrobe at some point, but they’ll always find their way back out with a new lease of life.

The collection is available now from and