Mar 27, 2023
by Karl Smith
EVERPRESS’ Artist-Led T-Shirt Platform Is Now B-Corp Certified
by Karl Smith
Mar 27, 2023

Capping off an eventful B-Corp Month that has already seen the likes of outdoor staple Berghaus, millennial mattress innovator Simba, and circularity-minded eyewear brand Cubitts all awarded the coveted status, the sustainably-inclined t-shirt supplier EVERPRESS has now also earned that distinction.

The platform – which provides the infrastructure and materials for artists and designers to create their own t-shirts, as well as the space to sell them to a much wider audience – has previously made inclusivity and Earth-friendlier gains, offering an organic cotton t-shirt base in sizes XXS to XXXXXL produced at a Sedex-monitored workshop in Cairo, and having completely overhauled its packaging system to use 100% recycled and recyclable bags.

B-Corp certification representations both the continuation and recognition of that work – itself a commitment as much as a commendation. To mark the occasion, FUTUREVVORLD spoke to Alex Econs – founder and CEO of EVERPRESS – to discuss how this latest move fits into the brand’s longterm plan and how, from the very beginning, sustainability has figured at the fore of everything the company does.

As a company, EVERPRESS seems to have always made decisions and takes action rather than simply making commitments and setting goals. Has the material aspect always been most important to you?

We started with a mission to support grassroots creatives which has always been at the heart of what we do. After helping creatives bring their designs to life, materials were one of our key areas to focus on; the product and material itself are just as important as the design that is printed on it.

In 2022, we set about designing and fine-tuning the perfect blank T-shirt. After years of sourcing tees, studying our team and community’s age-old favourites, and trying different brands on for the size, the EVERPRESS Classic launched. We landed on an organic, combed cotton product in which fibers are combed to remove debris, impurities and any shorter threads to ensure the print is longer-lasting.

The production chain is also very important and we only wanted to work with a workshop that puts its workers at the forefront, paying fair wages. We partnered with a Sedex-monitored factory; one that is monitored to high standards by an international, independent body.

Given the overuse of terms like “conscious” and “sustainable” in the industry at present, how would you describe EVERPRESS’ commitment to those values?

The core of our business model was based around sustainability from day one, by means of our pre-order model which ensures no extra stock is produced only to remain unsold and end up in a fashion landfill.

We committed to a sustainability roadmap early on in our journey, which included becoming B-corp certified, and for us this has never been about marketing buzzwords, but rather a real commitment that everyone in the team is truly passionate about and committed to.

We strongly believe a conscious way of doing business is the only way to thrive in the current climate. We wanted to join the B-Corp movement so that we have a commitment from our board and shareholders that we will always put people and the planet on an equal par with profits.

Why was it important to you to apply for B-Corp certification?

As soon as we came across the B-Corp premise and concept we discovered we had shared values and knew it was just the right way to approach business. It is important for EVERPRESS to be part of a global community of brands all committed to doing good for the planet and aiming to create a positive outcome for all stakeholders – workers, community, customers and the environment.

Of course, we are aware obtaining a B-Corp certification is only a small, yet key, step in our overarching sustainability roadmap. BLab will review our impact score again in 2024, so being B-Corp Certified also holds us accountable for the promises we’ve made and keeps us moving in the right direction.


When people think of EVERPRESS at present they think of artistry and quality – a B-Corp certification will add “sustainability” to that. But these things aren’t separate; they’re part of what earned you the B-Corp certification and part of an all-round conscious approach. Is that how it feels to you?

Absolutely. The B-Corp impact score takes into account a variety of factors, including Community. Our global Community of creators has always been the driving force behind everything we do; they inspire us, educate us and hold us accountable on the promises we make. We do what we do to make sure creators around the world are empowered to keep doing what they do best.

We believe that creativity has the power to change the world and we exist to make sure it does.

You’ve mentioned that this is very much not the end of the line in terms of your progress, so what are your next moves?

In the short term, we are implementing new reporting and monitoring programs and setting reduction targets for our environmental impact. Longer term we aim to revisit our returns and recycle program, produce a public-facing annual report on our impact as a business, cut road miles for deliveries down significantly, launch a creator fund and start lobbying the government for environmental and fashion industry change.


Find out more about the rigorous process for B-Corp certification and explore the list of accredited brands over on the organizations official website and find a consciously crafted t-shirt created and sold by artists via the freshly-recognized EVERPRESS platform.

And, if all this has you in mood for a little fashion-adjacent environmental justice, check out how you can help the Or Foundation end the scourge of waste colonialism.