May 15, 2023
by Sofia de la Cruz
The “Small but Perfect” Initiative Took Center Stage at Fashion Revolution Week 2023
by Sofia de la Cruz
May 15, 2023

Fashion Revolution Week is a time of action and activism, bringing together a global movement to push for change in the fashion industry. This year’s campaign, on the theme of a “Manifesto for a Fashion Revolution,” sought to shed light on the state of the industry a decade after the tragic Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh.

But the week was also about progress and innovation, as exemplified by the “Small but Perfect” initiative.

This project recognized the crucial role that small and medium-sized businesses can play in building a more sustainable fashion industry, allowing for long-term systematic changes.

The 30-month accelerator program involved 28 businesses working on solutions to reduce the industry’s impact on the environment, ranging from new materials to recycling, upcycling, resale, rental, regeneration, and repairs.

The Fashion Open Studio showroom, held in partnership with The Sustainable Angle and, showcased the work of eight businesses from the accelerator project at The Lab E20. This event, designed by Christopher Raeburn and supported by Get Living, was the centerpiece of Fashion Revolution Week. The selected businesses included Planet of the Grapes, One Essentials, Saska London, Atlas of Sustainable Colours, Evamoso, Studio Sarmite, Patchwork Family and Loom London.

But Fashion Revolution Week was about more than just one event and location. A program of events, workshops and short videos designed to explain the research and development of each of these SME partnerships also took place in Europe, including Monkind in Berlin, Tizz & Tonic in Bremen, Ebony Seed in Cork, Jump the Hedges in Belfast, and Wayz in Lisbon.

A serious yet celebratory event, the campaign successfully highlighted the need for change in the fashion industry whilst celebrating progress from emerging, small enterprises ready to create big, systematic change.

If you’re interested in learning more and becoming involved in shaping a better world, find out what the Fashion Revolution program is up to now and next .