Aug 23, 2023
by Karl Smith
Rent Finisterre’s Yulex® Wetsuit, Protect Yourself and the Planet
by Karl Smith
Aug 23, 2023

One of the few names instantly called to mind when the idea of something so specific as “seawear” comes up, British label Finisterre also has the distinction of being one of an even smaller list whose names are synonymous with sustainability.

It’s a natural pairing, of course, planet-friendlier products and products designed to enjoy the best of what our planet has to offer. But that doesn’t mean it’s always the case. Plenty of outdoor brands – regardless of whether they’re focused on the water or on terra firma – have a tendency to opt for performance technology at the expense of the Earth.

But Finisterre has it right: the brand’s penchant for recycled materials makes its presence known in more or less every aspect of its offering – from new season jackets featuring insulation made from ocean-bound plastics, to shirts crafted from lower-impact organic cotton.

And then, of course, there’s the Yulex® wetsuit – made from Yulex® natural rubber, and which the brand describes as a “new beginning for more sustainable wetsuit design.” A cleaner alternative to the usual neoprene products, “using premium 4 way stretch Yulex® natural rubber neoprene for our suits requires ten times less water in production and reduces CO2 emissions by up to 80%.”

Already the crown jewel of the brand’s eco-conscious, ocean-based offering, Finisterre has now opted to take the Yulex® wetsuit to another level. Not by adding new technology, requiring further manufacture and creating an outdated product of its predecessor, but rather by launching a new rental program.

Touted by the brand as a global first, the program removes the initial barrier to entry of the Yulex® wetsuit’s (understandably) serious price point.

Covering the full product range, the new scheme means a wetsuit that would otherwise come with an upfront cost of around $550 USD can be rented for as little as $30 USD for four days of use.

Financial positives aside, the rental program also keeps the need for production down – lowering the impact of a product already kinder to the planet than so many of its peers.

Launched in July, the Yulex® wetsuit rental program at Finisterre is available now, in time for the end of summer in the Northern hemisphere and for the start of cooler months when proper protection from the elements is even more necessary.