Jan 27, 2023
by Sofia de la Cruz
Forét Takes a Walk in the Woods for Fall/Winter 2023 Collection
by Sofia de la Cruz
Jan 27, 2023

It is 2014 and friends Jeppe and Jesper can’t help but remember the rural Danish landscape they grew up in — a not-so-distant memory that somehow felt long gone. It was the feeling of connection to the great outdoors and nature’s revitalizing energy they sought to recapture when they founded the menswear label Forét.

Made for both the city-based and open country wanderers, Forét is known for delivering stillness and simplicity through contemporary capsule wardrobes. Always navigating the line between outdoor clothing and casual staples, the Danish imprint understands the value of less is more as a key to meaningful garments.

Today, almost a decade since its inception, Forét wants to transform those memories of distraction-free outdoor adventures into a collection that asks for stillness in a fast-paced world. Following its Pre-Spring 2023 lineup of autumn adventure-ready garments, the menswear label is now debuting its Fall/Winter 2023 range.

For this season, Forét puts its focus on offering a series of hybrid staples that deliver functionality, protection and comfort. An earthy palette of dark green, brown, navy beige and red accents convey a sense of childhood nostalgia through a contemporary lens.

The Danish brand knows how to offer a delicate balance between old school and newness. Modern puffer jackets, denim and graphic T-shirts stand alongside mossy liner jackets, textured wool cardigans and twill pants — offering a sense of vulnerability.

Other highlights include accessories, such as washed caps and fleece gloves, to accompany the wearer through their next countryside adventure. Elsewhere, striped cardigans, camp jacquard knits, windbreakers and the label’s signature two-toned puffer jacket deliver a stamp of modernity for endless experimentation.

Following its inherent responsibility of “being a pivotal part of the change towards a more responsible future — a change that is no less than essential in the fashion industry,” all of Forét’s FW23 outerwear is made of recycled polyester. Furthermore, knitwear is produced using GRS recycled wool, and cotton-made garments are GOTS certified and produced in Portugal and Turkey.

Take a closer look at Forét’s FW23 collection in the evocative lookbook above. Although the official release date is yet to be announced, the range will be available via the brand’s website later this year. You can learn more about the Danish menswear label’s sustainability ethos by following this link.