Jul 19, 2022
by James Roberts
Lab-grown Diamonds Adorn Frank Ocean’s New Jewelry Collection
by James Roberts
Jul 19, 2022

When you think of the diamond trade, you don’t think of a sustainable, Earth-friendly industry. Instead, diamonds have a reputation for high environmental and humanitarian costs. Mined diamonds, often sourced from developing nations, rely on workers employed on low wages in unsafe conditions. But in recent years, diamonds have been going through a rebrand thanks to scientists in labs equipped with tremendous amounts of heat and pressure.

Frank Ocean and his label Homer have been in touch with these scientists and have utilized their lab-grown diamonds in a new collection called “When a Dog Comes to Stay.” Man’s best friend is the muse of this array of pendants, bracelets, rings and scarves featuring bones, various breeds of dog and adorned with glittering, lab-grown diamonds.

But these diamonds are not fake. They’re the real deal. As Homer states on its website, these are “not a replica of a diamond, or a close approximation, or a sparkly stone of similar substance. Each diamond is cut, polished, and inspected to meet Homer’s exacting standards before being independently graded by the International Gem Institute.”

So, what’s in a lab-grown diamond? They’re made by depositing miniscule layers of carbon over a natural diamond seed – a tiny 1/400th carat natural diamond. Using high pressure and extreme temperatures, the lab recreates the conditions of Earth’s intense mantle. In just a few days, scientists can produce a diamond exactly the same as the ones formed between 1bn and 3bn years ago beneath the Earth’s surface. All without the exploitation of people or land.

These diamonds are set into the collection’s most opulent items, including the H-Bone High Jewelry Necklace. It is formed from links of 18K white gold enveloped in pave-set diamonds with larger princess-cut stones, giving it a weight of 116.15 carats. It’s looking to fetch an absurd $657,420 USD. Inquiries only, please.

Elsewhere, you’ll find some more accessible pieces made with lacquered silver. Not only are Homer’s diamonds more eco-friendly than the traditional, so is its sterling silver, which is recycled. Items such as the Dolly Pendant are handmade by combining layers of recycled sterling silver that are colored and strengthened through the application of nano-ceramic particles and hand-coated with clear lacquer. All jewelry is finished in a green Clover colorway.

Speaking about the collection, Ocean said: “‘When a Dog Comes to Stay’ explores the dog as a symbol of one that walks lighter. A sheepdog, an Akita and a bull terrier are rendered in pixels as if to simplify the qualities that make them our family. To the dog, it seems, loyalty is without thinking.”

And what about the diamonds? Maybe they’re a way of rewarding that undying loyalty.

Many items sold out in a flash but the silicone keychain and silk scarves are still available with prices starting at $66 USD. And stay tuned for other color variants of the silver and diamond bracelet, rings and pendants.

Check out the Homer website for more (including details on how to inquire about that 116 carat necklace).