Jun 23, 2022
by Carolina Sandeman
GANNI Collaborates on Sustainable Pieces Using Innovative Materials and Circular Processes
by Carolina Sandeman
Jun 23, 2022

The Copenhagen-based it-brand, GANNI, has announced the newest development within its “Fabrics of the Future” initiative, launching three new collaborations with sustainable companies Renewcell, Bolt Threads, and Stem. This program is a bold in-house project that aims to research and develop cutting-edge materials that contribute to a better circular and lower impact system within the fashion industry.

“Through Fabrics of the Future we are committed to supporting start-ups in scaling their innovations,” explained GANNI Founder, Nicolaj Reffstrup. “Fabric innovations will play a crucial role in making fashion more circular as well as creating lower-impact materials, but for that to happen brands need to place bets and take risks. We refuse to accept the industry status quo and with this initiative, we have created a solid framework where research, innovation and cross-industry knowledge sharing can live together.”

These new launches overlapped with the Global Fashion Summit on sustainability in fashion. Throughout the summit, GANNI organized pop-ups all around Copenhagen along with one in its Copenhagen Flagship Store.

GANNI Debuts Circulose® Pieces

The Scandinavian brand’s first launch within its program features products partially made with Circulose®. This new material is an innovative natural textile made with discarded cotton textiles. These are turned into a dissolving pulp with a new process fuelled with 100% renewable energy. By using this method the fabric doesn’t require cotton fields, oil, and trees.

GANNI has soft-launched this material with two styles of trousers in the Pre-Fall collection, made of 100% viscose, of which 15% is Circulose® recycled waste from Renewcell’s factory in Sweden. The brand has vowed to increase the material’s usage in future collections and has already started incorporating it into upcoming collections.

“Working with progressive brands like GANNI is essential to our effort to make fashion circular at scale — we need their help to prove the quality and style potential of Circulose®,” said Renewcell CEO, Patrik Lundström. “It’s a major milestone for us to make it into GANNI’s main collection. Circulose® changes fashion from the inside by liberating designers from the old constraints of textile-to-textile recycled materials. We are grateful for GANNI’s leadership and look forward to expanding our collaboration as we proceed to open our new commercial-scale recycling plant Renewcell 1 in Sundsvall, Sweden, this summer.”

GANNI Adds Mylo Unleather Wallets to its Collection

Bolt ThreadsMylo™ is all about joining forces with brands, having previously partnered with Stella McCartney, lululemon, and adidas, and showcasing all the different possible applications of the mycelium-based leather alternative.

“Our goal with Mylo is to give designers, brands, and customers a choice for an animal-free alternative to traditional leather that doesn’t sacrifice quality or aesthetics,” says Dan Widmaier, CEO & Founder of Bolt Threads. “GANNI will be instrumental in making desirable products made with Mylo accessible to more people.”

Dedicated to eliminating animal leather from its pieces by 2023, GANNI is the latest brand to join the Mylo collaboration roster. And to meet this goal, it has begun researching different leather alternatives that meet the brand’s design criteria and have recently launched VEGEA-based running shoes. VEGEA is a plant-based material that includes grape skins from wine making.

“Phasing out virgin leather hurts big-time from a creative and commercial point of view,” Nicolaj Reffstrup shared with Vogue Scandinavia. “Ganni could continue creating many great [leather] products to be sold in the thousands, but we can’t because we have to do better. Sometimes I doubt what we’re doing, but the next morning I wake up and feel proud that we keep insisting despite the challenges.”

One of the perks of using Mylo is its scalability and how fast it can be produced. While real leather takes years to source, due to raising the cows, mycelium-based alternatives can be produced in under two weeks. It is also a verified bio-based vegan material since no animals are required for its production.

The Mylo collection includes a wallet and a saddle bag, although only the wallet is available at the moment, with the saddle bag set for a later release.

More GANNI x Mylo products are slated to be launched in early 2023 and you can sign up for the Mylo newsletter to keep up to date.

GANNI Joins Forces With Start-up “Stem”

Last but not least, GANNI has also teamed up with Copenhagen-based start-up Stem, developing a three-piece collection. These are made using a circular, zero-waste production process that makes use of the whole fabric, removing the cutting and sewing waste. This launch is a limited edition that is composed of a jacket, a dress, and a pair of trousers.


Even though GANNI isn’t the ultimate environmentally friendly brand, and doesn’t identify as a sustainable brand, it states on its website that it is working towards a more responsible version of the brand and making improved choices throughout the whole business, lowering its social and environmental imapct. Given its popularity within the fashion industry, it will be interesting to see the impact it can have in creating a more sustainable brand and consumer base.

As for where you can find the sustainable additions, the Circulose® trousers are available at the flagship store and online, while both the Mylo wallet and the Stem collection are available only in-store. The Mylo saddle bag isn’t available yet and is only on display at the pop-up.