Apr 28, 2022
by James Roberts
STORY mfg. Imagines a Sunnier Future With New Sub-Brand, Gentle Fullness
by James Roberts
Apr 28, 2022

In a move that’s reminiscent of Needles and its menagerie of sub brands, STORY mfg. is spreading its friendly wings. Nine years after its small beginnings, the British brand has captivated a global audience looking for naturally dyed, expertly made garments. Now, it has launched a new brand: Gentle Fullness.

In its own words, “Gentle Fullness is an expansion of the Story mfg. universe that explores design from a slightly different angle to create new worlds.” The universe is one that cares for the planet with eco-minded design and processes, alongside distinctive style notes like oversized fits, graphic T-shirts and nature-inspired motifs.

In its inaugural SS22 collection, Gentle Fullness shows off this “slightly different angle.” In an assortment of jackets, pants, shirts, tees and hats, the brand reveals a more technical and perhaps streetwear-inspired look.

Let’s dive in. The Charm Jacket has a vintage sportswear look with its high collar and zippered chest pockets, completed with charms. It’s finished in a selection of colors and patterns such as block print flowers, contrasting checks and purple cord, that are found across the collection. The Found Trousers are wide legged with extra zippered pockets. And a selection of long and short-sleeved T-shirts are printed with sci-fi imagery, mollusks and cute cats.

Vintage pieces leave their imprint across the collection. Patagonia gear from the wardrobe of co-founder Dan Pacitti inspired the design of some of the items.

The woven check fabric was remade from a deadstock sample found in Brighton, the brand’s home on the south coast of England. Oshadi, Gentle Fullness’s manufacturing partner based in India, created the fabric and produced all the other items too. Oshadi is a regenerative fashion initiative that makes the entirety of the garment: from the farm fields to the cutting table.

The block print featured mainly on the jackets, is from the 1970s and “was originally designed by the mother of our current block printing partner,” says Saeed Al-Rubeyi, Gentle Fullness’s co-founder, in an interview with Goodhood.

And, in addition to the organic cotton used in the jackets, pants and hats, Gentle Fullness uses 100% recycled pre-consumer waste in its T-shirts: waste created in the factories during the production of other items.

Each of these items has its roots in a tiny bit of history: local and familiar histories, which are just as impactful and just as important as anything you’d find in a textbook. Gentle Fullness calls the collection a “happy mishmash.” A tapestry of it and its partners’ histories, “reimagined for a sunnier future.”

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