Feb 18, 2022
by James Roberts
GORE-TEX Launches on Demand Service for Ski and Snowboard Gear
by James Roberts
Feb 18, 2022

Ski gear. It’s bulky. It’s expensive. And through extensive wear, it can get dirty and damaged. In response to these problems, GORE-TEX has launched an on demand service for snowsports enthusiasts. You can now rock up to the slopes and collect your rented gear from the resort or nearby retail stores on the day.

The service offers a collection of specially-designed gear that’s built to withstand the use of multiple wearers over the season. The collection comprises waterproof jackets and pants made with GORE-TEX’s iconic Pro fabric and Primaloft® insulation. The pieces are also equipped with Cohaesive™ Drawcord System and RECCO® reflectors to keep you warm and safe while out in the snow. The gear comes in black and blue colorways for men, and orange and black for women.

Once returned, each item is carefully checked over for damage before being cleaned locally (to avoid shipping it back to the warehouse and gaining an unnecessarily large carbon footprint).

The benefits of a service like this are numerous. For seasoned skiers and snowboarders, it offers a chance to try out the latest GORE-TEX kit. For more general users, it makes GORE-TEX gear much more accessible. With more and more customers looking for models based on “usership” instead of “ownership,” it’s a smart step for the outdoor brand.

As Chris Brennan, Product Specialist – Innovation, Fabrics Division at GORE-TEX says, “GORE-TEX Outerwear on Demand is the best choice for user convenience, performance to match specific conditions, and the next step in making it easier than ever to enjoy winter activities in legendary GORE technology without owning or transporting multiple garments.”

There’s also an interesting sustainable angle too. On demand gear means less needs to be made. That means less resources used, less waste produced and a smaller impact on our planet. So, even though you’re getting the latest gear to wear in the mountains, you’re also doing a little good too.

We must note that GORE-TEX uses PFCs in its waterproof fabrics, but it has been developing new materials that forgo the need for these harmful chemicals. By 2023, the brand wants to eliminate PFCs from its consumer products. With GORE-TEX fabrics being used by big names like Nike, adidas and Arc’teryx, there’s a huge opportunity to change the face of outdoor clothing for good.

The service is available at 15 resort and retail spots across North America, and GORE-TEX has plans to increase that offering over the coming seasons. Customers can book their gear in advance or collect on the day. Some outlets will even deliver to your resort lodgings.