Sep 27, 2023
by James Roberts
Greater Goods Proves There’s Still Life in Old Arc’Teryx Products
by James Roberts
Sep 27, 2023

Greater Goods, the London-based design studio, knows how to drive the hype. It operates solely by upcycling reclaimed, damaged, or unwanted products, crafting them in one-of-a-kind pieces. Each item is handmade to be not only expertly designed but also functional, durable and made with as little waste as possible.

This method of making not only gives it some hefty eco creds. It also results in some iconic, highly-sought after collections. And its latest collaboration with Arc’teryx is exactly that.

The 80-piece Greater Goods x Arc’teryx collection is produced from end-of-life products from the Canadian outdoor brand’s warehouses. Gazing over these pieces is like an adventure in itself — working out which original Arc’teryx product a zip, buckle or panel came from. Each features some sort of functional detail like this, plus the iconic Arc’teryx logo.

The kimono wrap jacket is a stand out. This design from Greater Goods transforms the original Arc’teryx product (most probably one of its GORE-TEX jackets), into a Japanese-inspired garment. Note the buckle clasp across the front, the sealed zips and drawstring ties on the sleeves. It is a well considered, expertly finished item.

New to Greater Goods’ offering are the dog beds. These look to be made with old insulated, puffer jackets, quilted together to provide a comfy sleeping mat for your canine buddies. (Finally, your dog can have that Arc’teryx fit it’s always wanted!)

There are also shoulder sling bags and a utilitarian vest. The evidence of previous products’ lives (GORE-TEX logos and sealed stitching, for example) demonstrates the pieces’ durability, even as they go into their next adventure.

Greater Goods first stepped onto the scene with a collection of tote bags made with reclaimed The North Face products. After an instant sellout, it moved onto bottle bags, jackets and hats. Recently, we’ve reported on its workshops with Bali-based Space Available and reconstruction projects with Nike.

And this isn’t the first time Greater Goods and Arc’teryx have crossed paths. In 2021, the brands created a 70-piece collection, with partial proceeds going to the birdwatching collective and charity, Flock Together.

We should specify that this is an Arc’teryx China collab. Which for us in the West, sadly means we won’t be getting our hands on any of it (it will be available exclusively at Arc’teryx China stores). However, we can marvel from afar and appreciate not only the dope designs but also the circular credentials of this collection.

The current hype and desire for this remade, Gorpcore aesthetic is, we think, positive. If a method of production that produces little waste and saves unwanted products is also dope to look at and highly coveted, bring it on. Earth-friendly goods should be desired. That’s the selling point all products will need for customers to make the switch.

The Greater Goods x Arc’teryx China collection dropped in store this week. Check out the Greater Goods website for other its latest products.