Apr 29, 2022
by Carolina Sandeman
Levi’s WellThread SS22 Is Another Masterclass in Sustainable Design for the Denim Maker
by Carolina Sandeman
Apr 29, 2022

Back again with its WellThread collection, Levi’s continues its journey as one of the leaders in sustainable fashion. For the new Spring/Summer 2022 collection, these developments consist of natural and plant-based dyes, paying special attention to plant-based indigo, and the increased presence of organic cotton and rain-fed hemp.

Since the last collection, the R&D lab for Levi’s WellThread continued its search for innovative ways to create clothes that can minimize the brand’s environmental footprint. In order to achieve this, pieces within this new collection have been dyed with natural and plant-based inks, making sure that not one of them were sourced from endangered species or food sources.

For this season, the brand has placed a heavier emphasis on natural indigo dyes, using a technique that decreases chemicals and water in the process. The use of different shades of indigo comes from WellThread’s continuous research to find new methods to get the traditional denim colors without sacrificing the environment and worker welfare in the process.

Featuring the natural plant indigo dye are a variety of denim pieces, including the WellThread Trucker, the men’s 551z and Stay Loose jeans, and the Women’s High Loose jeans and shorts. These only use the least impact chemicals available, having been awarded the highest level (green) of clothing manufacturing’s screened chemistry practices.

Besides the denim dye, the SS22 launch includes other colors derived from three other plant-based dyes. These give the collection a combination of warm colors, featured on the WellThread Vintage Hoodie, Classic Fit Tee, and Vintage Tee. And just like the denim pieces, these garments are also made using reduced energy and water, through Levi’s Water

Throughout the collection, you’ll find European sourced rain-fed hemp, both as Levi’s Cottonized Hemp and cotton and hemp blends. When it comes to materials, the use of hemp as the star material is this season’s biggest accomplishment for the brand. It’s present in multiple pieces, including some of the styles dyed in natural indigo above, in which the rain-fed hemp is left in its raw, un-dyed conditions. Apart from the cannabis plant derivative, the collection also counts heavily on the use of organic cotton, blending the two for the hoodies and tees.

The collection has a classic yet discreetly relaxed fit to it that makes it both timeless and contemporary. This design choice plays into Levi’s Buy Better, Wear Longer efforts perfectly, which is always a strong component of the Levi’s WellThread beliefs.

“There’s a lot of progress made with WellThread each season. And while not every season can be a revolution, there is a constant evolution,” explains Paul Dillinger, Vice President, Head of Global Product Innovation at Levi Strauss, & Co. “And this is one of those seasons where ideas are maturing and getting refined. Like launching plant-based indigo, where it takes time to learn how to apply it and wash it to ensure a great pair of blue jeans. This is a representation of a good idea made better by giving ourselves a couple of seasons to let evolve, let it refine.”

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