Oct 27, 2022
by James Roberts
Maharishi’s FW22 Collection Is a Melting Pot of Eco-conscious Materials
by James Roberts
Oct 27, 2022

Maharishi has gone all out on materials for its FW22 collection. From recycled nylons to vegetable dyed textiles, this array of military and Eastern inspired garms continues to explore the brand’s core ethos of “respect nature, utilize technology.”

The collection is a spirited melting pot of technical performance and natural, eco-conscious materials. On the one hand, the pieces are designed for outdoor wear with water-repellent finishes, insulated linings and technical details like adjustable hems, cargo pockets and utility D-rings. On the other hand, Maharishi has been keen to explore Earth-friendly methods of production.

There are the Ventile Field Loose Cargo Pants that combine premium hemp fibers with organic cotton to create a densely woven fabric that offers breathability and water resistance using a PFC-free DWR finish, with a hydrostatic head of 600mm. Hemp, as we saw with Maharishi’s latest Reebok collab, is a natural fiber that looks after the environment it’s grown in. It doesn’t need pesticides and its decomposed roots enrich and strengthen soil.

Global Organic Textile Standard certified cotton is used elsewhere. The Snopants combine cotton with recycled polyester to create a lightweight yet high tensile strength fabric that is also quick‑drying. And the relaxed hoodies use a combination of organic cotton and hemp.

Hand-crafted skills are called upon to make the heavy knitwear which uses an assimilation of indigenous Salish weaving techniques and traditional Fair Isle knitting practices. Made with 100 percent virgin wool, the Aran Mock Neck Crew features different patterns on the front and back, and looks like it could handle the freezing colds of an Arctic night.

Virgin wool is also used in the Harris Tweed M69 Vest. Handwoven in the Outer Hebrides, this fiber is naturally warm and densely woven to provide water repellency. Wool is, in lots of ways, a fantastic material with many technical natural qualities but, as an animal-derived product, we’d much rather Maharishi focus on plant-based fibers like hemp and cotton.

As with many Maharishi collections, key motifs such as asymmetric cuts, Eastern-inspired silhouettes and oversized fits are visible throughout. These pieces are brought to life with Japanese artworks, military camouflage, and a tonal color palette contrasted with pops of purple, teal and pink.

In addition to the main collection, the Blind Flying Masters capsule pays tribute to Japanese Ukiyo-e artists Kawanabe Kyōsai and Tsukioka Yoshitoshi. It reinterprets their processes through hand-machined embroidery on heavyweight Melton Wools, Original Snopants and a celebration of woodblock prints on Organic Cotton jersey.

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