Sep 08, 2022
by Carolina Sandeman
MAIUM Introduces Sustainable Kidswear In AW22 “Future Ground” Collection
by Carolina Sandeman
Sep 08, 2022

Dutch brand MAIUM has released its first drop from its AW22 collection. Dubbed “Future Ground”, the collection not only has adult styles but also features kids’ styles for the first time.

This first drop focuses on the brand’s classic Poncho style, which, as always, is made with MAIUM’s signature recycled nylon and plastic textile. This release sees the Poncho in five distinct colors, available for both grown-ups and children.

Taking inspiration from the British Royal Navy and the US Air Force during the Second World War, the collection silhouettes feature strong references to military uniforms. And for the concept behind the launch, MAIUM tapped into the exploration of 10,000-year-old stencil art, found in Argentinian cave by Erez Nevi Pana, during his investigation of natural phenomena and environmental processes.

Always focused on the commuter experience and looking towards the future, the Future Ground collection continues to incorporate the brand’s quintessential versatility, allowing the pieces to accommodate bike handles.

Besides its signature adaptability qualities, the MAIUM poncho also folds into its built-in pouch, allowing the person wearing it to easily carry it around when it’s not in use. Just like the previous collections, each poncho uses 77 recycled PET bottles, with the new kids’ iteration using 33 recycled PET bottles.

Offered in a variety of seasonal hues, the collection is colored with vivid earth tones and purply grays.

The addition of kids’ designs comes due to MAIUM looking to share its message with the (much) younger generations. It wants to shine a light on the root of its values at a young age, thinking in a future mindset, and developing for movement still with sustainability in mind.

Already teasing the next drop of this upcoming fall collection, the brand plans on debuting brand new styles, such as bodywarmers, padded duffle coats, a high-tech take on the style originally used in the British Royal Navy, and a teddy cardigan, as well as expanding its color range for its staple designs.

You’ll also find available the Mac Padded, and the Southwestern Hat, which is waterproof, padded, and has a slanting brim longer in the back than in front to ensure the wearer keeps dry during their commute. As for the kids’ full collection, besides the Poncho, you can count on the Original, and Puffer, offered in different colors.

Lucky for us, we got to ask the Creative Director and Co-Founder of MAIUM, Anita Palacios, a few questions about the brand mission, its latest collection, and its sustainability goals going forward.

Why is it important to make eco-conscious clothing that’s meant to perform well in different environments/conditions, i.e. raincoats for cycling?

Our goal is for our customers to use our coats for as long as possible. That approach is the most sustainable way to treat your wardrobe in general. If you buy a versatile coat that can be used for multiple purposes, that’s also of great help when trying to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. You need fewer garments because each design makes maximum use of fashion and function.

There’s a lot of talk about the harm of plastic-based DWR (durable water repellent) coatings in rainwear. Can you tell us how MAIUM achieves its water-repellent properties, and how it’s better than the traditional, toxic versions?

Sustainability is anchored in our DNA, so we are always looking for innovative new ways to improve our fabrics and coatings. For now, we use a bionic finishing with the same water repellent properties as the harmful fluorine, but without the harmful PFA chemicals C6 and C8. For next winter, we’re excited to be looking into some nature-based wax coatings, amongst others.

How would you correlate taking inspiration from our past (military apparel) with being a more sustainable brand?

The inspiration I get from military apparel is just endless. These garments, at their core, are always designed to serve a function. Taking this concept as a starting point and combining it with a fashionable and sustainable approach, the garment becomes a piece that is useful for everybody.

Why did MAIUM decide to make kidswear?

There aren’t many sustainable and functional rainwear brands for kids around – which I discovered first-hand when becoming a mother two years ago; this made me consider a new style of outerwear that could be enjoyed by a child who loves to play in the rain.

What’s next for the brand in becoming fully circular?

This ambition is always in the front of our minds. Right now, we are looking into some partners who might be able to recycle our coats into building materials and cleaning mops. In the long term, our goal is to launch a take-back programme in 2023. Lots of exciting things in the works!


You can shop the new AW22 collection on the MAIUM website, with prices ranging from €99 to€ 399 EUR.