Sep 18, 2022
by Carolina Sandeman
MERSHY’s New Spiral Monogram Set Is Made With 83% Recycled Materials
by Carolina Sandeman
Sep 18, 2022

Eco-friendly brands have been constantly popping up during the past few years, with the rise of sustainability concerns within the fashion industry. While there have always been smaller, independently-owned sustainable brands out there, these would generally offer monotone, large silhouetted pieces. Nowadays, we’re seeing a shift in style within these up-and-coming clothiers, offering more fashion-forward styles.

Today we’re talking about MERSHY, which released its new capsule collection. This drop sees spirals as the main inspiration, exploring the unity of concentric circles.

MERSHY launched back in 2020 by Gabriela Mershad. It defines itself as a sustainable psychedelic clothing brand targeting its products to free-thinkers, naturalists, dreamers and nomads. Influenced by yoga, dance and nature, it also aims to connect the mind, body, soul and earth with its recycled materials and organic textile, free-flowing pieces.

Taking on the relaxing and meditative feeling drawing a spiral can have, the brand developed the Spiral Monogram Set. Made of comfortable, luxurious and fluid pieces, it was designed for lounging and relaxing.

The collection includes the Spiral Monogram Slit Legging, which has a flared, split ankle. It pairs with the Spiral Monogram Cropped Tank that features a slight scoop neck. To round off the look, the brand has also released the Spiral Monogram Glove.

A couple of fan favorites are also back with this release, seeing the re-stock of the Endless Spiral Tank, the Oversized Metallic Crew and Sweats, and the Lava cake bowling top. This last piece is made with vegan silk and recycled plastic buttons.

The pieces in the collection are made from a combination of eco fiber. Eighty-three percent of the garments are REPREVE Recycled Polyester, a fiber developed from reclaimed ocean plastic bottles, while the other 17 percent is a CREORA Spandex, offering a comfortable and complimentary finish to the pieces. To curb its production waste MERSHY products are made in micro-runs, and the leftover material is used to create hair scrunchies.

You can already shop the new collection on the MERSHY website. There you can also find more information on the brand’s supply chain, with information about the different manufacturers it works with. Of course, this type of transparency is always a plus in our book.