Nike ACG Brings Recycled Materials on a Hawaiian Adventure

Nike continues its “Move to Zero” with the release of a sustainability-focused ACG summer collection. The global sportswear company’s sub-brand centers on developing durable and stylish apparel and sneakers meant for all outdoor terrain, hence All Conditions Gear. For this upcoming season, the ACG team looked towards Hawaiian adventures and a sense of exploring or “summering” as its source of inspiration.  

“Getting stoked about the natural world and helping save it can go hand in hand,” the brand said in a recent news post officially announcing the collection. Nike states that 85% of the collection contains more than 90% recycled content – an important note when considering the amount of material waste that ends up in beautiful, natural areas throughout Hawaii. 


There have been many iterations and design directions when it comes to ACG over the years. Some fans of the Nike outdoor brand gravitate to the purely technical Errolson Hugh designed or Acronym-esque items, others associate it with GORE-TEX laid product meant to combat the cold, and several are longtime admirers of the colorful, retro-inspired pieces. The ACG Summer 2021 collection fuses function and style to outfit anyone exploring the microclimates of the Big Island, from dry to wet, breezy to hot. 

“Welcome to Summering. It’s a season, a verb, and also, yes––a way of life. It’s that sandals and sunshine, wind-in-your-face feeling of easy breezy freedom each time you step outside, and nowhere in the world does summer quite like Hawaii. The Big Island is a wonderland of microclimates––from dry grasslands, to wet rainforests, to high elevation tundras, to dreamy mountainscapes. Take a walk through a lava field, cool your head under a waterfall, contemplate life in a cove, stargaze with the palm trees––the possibilities are endless.”


Key items of the new collection include the packable, water-repellent and wind-resistant Cinder Cone Windshell Jacket and Pant, which are made from 100% recycled, lightweight nylon. Additionally, the men’s Lava Tree Lightweight Hoody was created using recycled polyester and designed with a draped silhouette for the hood and tail for extra UV protection. 


ACG is synonymous for its outdoor footwear ranging from sandals to all weather-ready hiking boots. This season includes a reappearance of the ACG Mountain Fly Low, great for any tropical hikes or rock hopping, and the Air Deschutz sandal, perfect for any casual strolls throughout the day. Although each model has been popular as of late, there is no word whether the same Earth-friendly approach of utilizing recycled materials was done for the footwear similar to what’s used for the apparel. 

This is not Nike’s first foray into sustainable design with its ACG brand. With the core of the sub-brand focused on technical apparel for the outdoors, actually respecting the outdoors and building for future explorations (and explorers) has been key. “When top-notch gear can withstand all kinds of weather and terrain, it can cultivate a presence in the outdoors, which encourages a love for it — and is a first step toward protecting it,” the brand said in a news post introducing Spring 2021 items. 


Past collections, such as last year’s Holiday 2020 line, were created to show that technical design can be achieved through an eco-conscious approach – an important design point we’ve seen many outdoor brands take. “Sustainability was our first filter for materials used in this collection, but we didn’t compromise the identity of ACG style and attitude,” Nike ACG Apparel Design Director Nur Abbas stated in the Holiday 2020 press release. “Wearers can continue to be protected from the elements when exploring awe-inspiring nature, or even wear the apparel beyond a weekend in the outdoors.” 

Shop the Nike ACG Summer 2021 collection on June 7 via and select retailers.