Sep 29, 2023
by James Roberts
Our Legacy WORK SHOP Brings Deadstock Back to Life
by James Roberts
Sep 29, 2023

We’d love to see the trash at Our Legacy’s studios, overflowing with deadstock and cut-offs.

The Swedish brand is known for the technical and custom-developed fabrics that give its products that effortlessly cool, minimal style. But through the production of its collections, it’s left with pieces of material that can’t be incorporated into the main drop.

Thanks to WORK SHOP, Our Legacy has found a home for its deadstock and residual fabrics. The sub-line is dedicated to creating limited-edition and unique pieces. Most recently, it played host to Our Legacy’s campaign with Satisfy, repurposing vintage running tees by layering them with new graphics.

This week, it dropped the Our Legacy WORK SHOP NATURA collection. A collection made from deadstock materials and naturally dyed in Italy.

The drop does that thing that all great Our Legacy collections do: combine minimal styling with tailored looks and oversized fits. The added benefits is that each item saves fabric from being wasted whilst also using some cool, natural dyeing techniques.

The collection features hoodies, sweats, jeans, blazers, cargo pants, tees, shirts, bags and socks. It’s an exhaustive list, and everything is rendered in a nicely toned down color palette of pink, gray and brown. And, seemingly, everything can pair with everything else.

There are plenty of slouchy options like the heavyweight cotton hoodie, tee and shorts. Then, there are some more workwear-styled pieces like the cargo pants and jeans and shirt. Each of these items are kept minimal with just a touch of detailing such as the Yin Yang symbol.

If you want to smarten things up, there’s the unstructured DB blazer made from an Italian cotton fabric with peaked lapels and vegan earthhorn buttons. But, as you can see in the editorial photography, this blazer is as much at home with a pair of shorts as it is smart slacks.

The garments have been dyed naturally by Italian dye house, Tintoria Emiliana, which has been working in Modena for over 70 years. It might be a legacy atelier, but it’s also keeping up with the times. This collection with Our Legacy uses a newly developed technique of natural dyeing that is toxic free but also guarantees color fastness and rich tones.

Whether it’s jersey, denim or fleece, all the items are made from 100% cotton, and all within either Portugal or Italy. So, even though it’s made from deadstock and cut-offs, this is high-quality stuff.

Let’s not forget, however, that Our Legacy is partial to a bit of animal leather. Maybe it’s the Ying to this naturally-dyed Yang, but we hope not. Our Legacy would exist in greater balance with the Earth if it dropped its leather collection all together, and focused instead on repurposing, reusing and keeping it plant-based.

The Our Legacy WORK SHOP NATURA collection is available now on and in WORK SHOP Stockholm from September 30.