Aug 25, 2023
by Sofia de la Cruz
Ready, Set, Upcycle: Satisfy and Our Legacy WORK SHOP Unveil New Running Collaboration
by Sofia de la Cruz
Aug 25, 2023

Based in Paris and seeing running as a transformative experience, Satisfy is leading a fresh wave of performance wear that draws inspiration from the racing pulse of contemporary run culture and its intersections with music, technology and design.

The brand’s philosophy centers on simplicity, crafting products that remove distractions and spark inspiration, with their core belief being clear: “If a garment isn’t right for running it doesn’t exist.”

Since its establishment in 2015, founder Brice Partouche has been on a mission to diverge from the performance-centric offerings of conventional running brands, which often rely on synthetics and lack personality.

Guided by the conviction that “technical running apparel deserves luxury-level care and craftsmanship,” Satisfy has engaged in fruitful collaborations with diverse partners, including Crocs, Oakley and norda, aiming to infuse the “High” of running into various groups.


Among these collaborations, a standout favorite appears to be the partnership with the Swedish label Our Legacy’s creative studio, WORK SHOP, a specialized sub-line dedicated to crafting unique pieces and artworks. Their most recent collaboration, “WORK SHOP RUNNING,” continues its focus on exploring energizing color schemes, sustainable practices and environmental awareness.

Beneath the eye-catching hues—ranging from vivid reds and greens to elegant maroons and pinks—the spotlight shines on a series of upcycled AuraLite™ garments.

These pieces are exclusively fashioned from rescued and upcycled AuraLite™ fabrics, adorned with reflective prints showcasing Satisfy’s signature Yin Yang graphic and the WORK SHOP logo. Complementing this collection are the limited-edition Re-Possessed™ vintage marathon T-shirts, each hand-upcycled at Satisfy’s Paris atelier.

Crafted from Italian MAJO TECH rip-stop nylon treated for water repellency, this series introduces an inventive twist to Satisfy’s signature knitted Japanese AuraLite 4-way stretch fabric, which appears in different new overdyed color variations and featured in a windbreaker and shorts ensemble, along with muscle tees and short-sleeve designs.

As previously mentioned, the lineup also includes select Re-Possessed™ vintage marathon tees, which incorporate co-branded reflective prints layered atop original graphics. Customization options encompass reflective 3M prints, a detachable Satisfy exterior label and co-branded details. The graphics draw inspiration from the ’80s and ’90s, showcasing designs like “Nutra-Run ’86” and “New York Fun Run 1991.”

The “WORK SHOP RUNNING” collection, with prices ranging from £70 to £300 GBP (approximately $88 to $377 USD), is available through the official websites of Our Legacy and Satisfy, as well as at Dover Street Market outlets in London, Ginza, New York and Los Angeles.