Aug 25, 2023
by Sofia de la Cruz
PANGAIA and Levon Biss Prove There’s More to Nature Than Meets the Eye
by Sofia de la Cruz
Aug 25, 2023

Have you ever seen an Iridescent Bark Mantis? Checked out the patterns on a Pleasing Fungus Beetle? What about the fancy Amazonian Purple Warrior Scarab?

Sadly, many of us haven’t – and, realistically, probably won’t – as these tiny marvels thrive in ecosystems less affected by climate change.

Poetically, you could say they reside at the art-science crossroads. This is where the eco-friendly materials science company, PANGAIA, and British visual artist Levon Biss step in to bring them closer to you.

The pair have teamed up on a special mission: to pay tribute to pollinators, those unsung heroes of our earth, and show everyone how important they really are. Through Biss’s world-renowned macro-photography, the PANGAIA x Levon Biss collection spreads awareness about insect conservation and the concerning decline in biodiversity; its aim is to educate about the vital role of insects and amplify their significance.

Departing from their commonly held identity as “pests,” Biss portrays them as integral to nature’s harmony. His recent exhibition, Extinct & Endangered, created in collaboration with the American Museum of Natural History, put a spotlight on endangered insects and their impact on ecosystems. In fact, in the UK alone, flying insect numbers have plummeted by 60% in the past two decades due to monocropping, pollution and habitat loss.

Images in the collection stem from Biss’s dedicated body of work. His custom macro system captures thousands of shots per insect, magnifying their beauty and uniqueness. The collaboration casts these creatures in a new light, emphasizing colors, designs and complexities to reshape appreciation and remind us that these small creatures deserve attention and protection. Biss believes these little creatures to be “engineered marvels”; hence, the capsule offers insights into the anatomy of pollinators, their names and species.

“I’m excited to collaborate with PANGAIA on this capsule as we come together with a shared goal of protecting and preserving nature,” shared the photographer. “I hope that our partnership can raise awareness around the necessity of insects, amplifying the message about their importance and encouraging a little more appreciation for them.”

The limited-edition range includes the “Tricolored Jewel Beetle T-Shirt” and the “Sawtooth Beetle Hoodie,” alongside the “Entomologist” sweatshirt and tote bag, all available in black and the first two in kids’ sizes. All garments are crafted from 100% organic cotton and treated with pprmint™ oil for an added dash of freshness. The tote is fashioned from a blend of organic cotton, recycled cotton and a plant-based fiber sourced from oilseed hemp leftovers.

With prices spanning from £40 to £115 GBP (approximately $50 to $145 USD), the collection is now exclusively available on PANGAIA’s website.