Feb 03, 2022
by James Roberts
PARO STORE Celebrates the Process of Sustainability in Its FW21/22 Lookbook
by James Roberts
Feb 03, 2022

There are now a myriad of new processes, materials and technologies that brands can employ to create sustainably-minded products. In its new FW21/22 lookbook, PARO STORE celebrates some of these creative solutions. It is a collection “full of patterns and textures created through the process of sustainability,” says the retailer in an exclusive interview.

The Amsterdam-based global retail platform stocks designers who are “pioneering a kinder future for the fashion industry through environmentally and socially sustainable design,” helping consumers make more informed decisions about what they buy.

The lookbook features two models wearing a selection of FW21 garments from brands like Víron, Sinobi, Façon Jacmin and Good Good Good. Each of these brands had to pass the PARO test: a set of “sustainable design codes which verifies that they approach their craft in a way that’s better for the world.” These codes include transparency, people empowerment, eco-friendly, vegan, and emission management during production.

Two new additions to PARO’s brand list include Stem, which uses a “zero waste woven textile system that eliminates garment production waste,” and Solitude Studios, which works with natural materials and deadstock garments.

Several pieces in the editorial repurpose existing materials. Solitude Studios’ Field of Flowers shirt is made with leftover stock from a workwear company. Others have more unusual origins, such as Le Tings’ Scandal Bags made from rice bags.

Hand-finished details adorn other pieces like the Sottes Membership Hoodie with its hand embroidery and hand crochet drawstrings. Each hoodie is also hand-dyed in a unique way, using a water gun to transform the fabric’s color.

Talking to us, PARO said that the idea of wearability is “super important for us as we want to show how easy it is to style these pieces together and how easily they can replace less sustainable wardrobe items.” So often, the aim of fashion is to create styles that are new and different, but in doing so, the life of those pieces is cut short. They are only in vogue for a season or are tricky to fit into an everyday wardrobe, and so become waste easily. Thinking of an item’s wearability is a fresh way to consider its life beyond the designer’s studio – a life in a diverse world of other garments and diverse people.

In keeping with this, PARO also talks about “transeasonal” pieces: “many of our brands don’t work to traditional seasons – so you’ll find some new pieces styled with items we’ve had in our store since the previous season.” This is refreshing too. Just because a piece came out the year before, doesn’t mean it can’t have a place in this season’s looks.

In its SS21 lookbook, the store focused on the idea of re-opening in a post-lockdown world. This lookbook has its eyes on the future and the designers who are helping build it.

Check out more of the PARO STORE selection online.