May 09, 2023
by Sofia de la Cruz
RÆBURN Collaborates With Selfridges to Create Repurposed Retail Uniforms
by Sofia de la Cruz
May 09, 2023

RÆBURN continues to cement its position at the pinnacle of fashion sustainability with “The RESELFRIDGES UNIFORM,” its latest collaboration with luxury department store Selfridges. Known and beloved for its commitment to sustainable fashion and planet-first practices, RÆBURN’s regenerative design studio is known for pushing its “RÆMADE, RÆDUCED, RÆCYCLED” philosophy to all things design.

On this occasion, Selfridges enlisted RÆBURN Lab’s expertise to create a new uniform for their RESELFRIDGES retail team, an eco-conscious range of pre-loved items part of the retailer’s “Project Earth.” The team at RÆBURN Lab certainly delivered on their request with its signature focus on material, silhouette and detail.

The project’s fabrics were selected through RÆBURN Studio’s rapid prototyping process, and its own unique stock of 100% organic cotton overshirts was integrated, and optimized with lightweight, high-tensile nylon ripstop — a material that, in typical RÆBURN fashion, was sourced from deconstructed parachutes.

Taking inspiration from a range of workwear garments, such as aprons, lab jackets and chore coats, the uniform goes beyond thoughtful material choices and provides practicality and functionality for the shop floor staff. The shirt features multiple pockets, a relaxed fit and the RESELFRIDGES logo emblazoned across the chest and back.

Christopher Raeburn, Founder and Creative Director of the brand, expressed his excitement, saying: “Selfridges has been a leader in responsible thought within retail for some time, and it has been a pleasure to be part of the journey with the RESELFRIDGES project. I’m incredibly proud of the uniforms and how we leveraged the agility of the RÆBURN Lab to bring the project together in a significant and meaningful way.”

Selfridges remains committed to becoming a more eco-friendly operation and aims to have 45% of transactions through their RESELFRIDGES ecosystem by 2030, encompassing resale, rental, repair, refill and recycling. The retailer’s “Project Earth” is built on three themes: “Transitioning to environmentally friendly materials, exploring new business models and challenging mindsets.”

This collaboration with RÆBURN follows Selfridges’ recent announcement of the “Worn Again” initiative, which aims to extend the lifespan of clothing. This demonstrates Selfridges’ commitment to making sustainable innovation accessible to the public. As a result, it’s worth keeping an eye on the retailer’s future moves. For more detailed information, check out the sustainability section on Selfridges’ website and stay tuned for updates.

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