Aug 25, 2022
by James Roberts
Ralph Lauren Brings Recycled Polos to the Courts in US Open Collection
by James Roberts
Aug 25, 2022

The courts at the US Open this year will pop with orange, green and blue thanks to Ralph Lauren’s new ball crew uniform. The collection of garments designed for on-court and spectator use are awash with bright colors, bold graphics and recycled materials.

This is the 17th year that the all-American heritage company has outfitted the New York tournament. 250 on-court officials and 400 ball crew members will be dressed in the new collection that complements the green and blue of the courts.

The ball crew shorts and polo shirts, which you can purchase for yourself, are made from fibers derived from plastic bottles and have a lightweight stretch mesh with moisture-wicking properties. Bold, court-inspired blocks criss-cross the polo shirts, which are also adorned with the Pony emblem, US Open logo and American flag. The preppy sport looks are available in women’s and men’s designs.

For the spectators in the stands, there is the CLARUS® Polo Shirt. We reported on this shirt earlier this year when it debuted at the Australian Open. CLARUS® is a textile innovation from Natural Fiber Welding (NFW). It’s a natural cotton, derived from recycled and virgin sources, but is put through a process that results in qualities you’d normally find in plastic-based fibers. In addition to being breathable and comfortable like a cotton shirt, CLARUS® is also moisture-wicking and fast-drying.

These high performance attributes were put to the test in the Australian heat on court. Australian football player Josh Cavallo said, “As a professional athlete who trains every day, it’s incredible to be able to wear a 100% cotton shirt that is stylish, has superior performance qualities and keeps me comfortable even on the hottest of days – all made with a sustainable spirit.”

Also in the collection is a polo shirt you can customize with different graphics (including the Ralph Lauren bear), jersey T-shirts and shorts.

During the tournament the Wilson tennis ball cans, which contain plastic, will be collected to be processed into yarn. To complete the circle, we hope that those yarns will be used to make next year’s on-court collection.

Catch a glimpse of the garments on court at the US Open, now until September 12.

And shop the collection on the Ralph Lauren website.