Aug 11, 2022
by Mariana Martínez Barba
Ray-Ban Goes Bio-Based With the Iconic Wayfarer
by Mariana Martínez Barba
Aug 11, 2022

Never has a sunglass silhouette held such a long-lasting presence in the fashion industry. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer, as we recall, has seen decades of usage, adaptable for a day in the sun or adventurous outings. Now, the quintessential sunglasses evolve for a better future.

Though still recognizable on the outside, the latest release from Ray-Ban is made up of 67% bio-based materials on the inside. These substances include cotton, wood pulp, cereals, beet and sugar-cane. Taking things a step even further, the eco-friendly Wayfarer is finished off with a unique graving housed within a box and pouch made from organic matter.

So how do all these things get combined into a cutting edge frame? Luckily, Ray-Ban has provided a deep dive on the technology on its website. However, we’ll be sure to break it down in more digestible words.

Bio-acetate differs from standard acetate in that it is sourced from a biological base rather than fossil or petrochemical fuel. The eco-conscious formula incorporates a cotton or wood pulp polymer with a bio-based plasticizer (composed of cereals, beet or sugar cane). The earth-friendly formula is a great alternative that also reduces environmental impact. According to the website, bio-acetate production compared with standard acetate reduces CO2 by at least 54%. Following its usage, the glasses are also biodegradable – cutting down unnecessary waste and encouraging further mindful consumption.

As we mentioned previously, the legacy of the Wayfarer stays as iconic on the outside, as it renewed on the inside. This eco-friendly update follows a growing trend of brands opting for bio-acetate rather than harmful, oil-based plastics. It’s also important to note that bio-acetate encourages circularity, as recycled materials can be incorporated into the formula. Ultimately, it’s fair to say the Wayfarer has stood the test of time since Ray-Ban’s inception in 1937.

Currently, the brand doesn’t have any strict sustainability guidelines or goals outlined, however the bio-based alternative demonstrates a new path for the sunglasses company.

The Bio-Acetate Wayfarer comes in 5 colors that include Black, Striped Grey, Havana, Striped Red, and Striped Blue. Each colorway also comes with its own range of lenses to ensure shaded views from the sun.

Like what you see? The upgraded Wayfarer is now available online at