Jul 22, 2023
by Sofia de la Cruz
ReCircled and Kaltex USA Align To Pave the Way for Circular Denim
by Sofia de la Cruz
Jul 22, 2023

In the fast-paced world of fashion, our insatiable thirst for style brings with it an affluence of choice. Of course, this same relentless pursuit of trends also has other, less positive effects and we can’t ignore the impact it has on our environment. The fashion industry’s linear economy, where garments are produced, sold and discarded, leaves behind a trail of waste and environmental degradation.

Yet, amidst this fashion frenzy, a glimmer of hope emerges in the form of circular fashion. The idea is to create a system where fashion products are designed for longevity, reused and repurposed, ensuring a more eco-conscious future.

Leading the vanguard in circularity is ReCircled, a planet-first preprocessor for footwear, apparel, and accessories. Recently, the platform forged an alliance with Kaltex USA to tackle the colossal environmental impact of denim production, with its excessive water usage, energy consumption and chemical pollution. Their collective vision? To introduce the Western Hemisphere’s first fully vertical and transparent circular denim system.

At the core of this collaboration lies ReCircled’s “Branded Take Back Programme,” designed to aid apparel and footwear brands in their seamless transition towards a sustainable, circular business model. This initiative sees ReCircled working hand in hand with brands and retailers’ distribution centers, managing unsaleable denim items. Armed with their expertise in circular economy management, ReCircled ensures an orchestrated process encompassing brand-specific sorting, cleaning and preparation for recycling.

Meanwhile, with a storied 100-year legacy, Kaltex USA stands at the forefront of the denim industry, boasting fully vertical facilities for denim, piece dye, apparel and home products. Harnessing cutting-edge mechanical recycling, spinning, dyeing, weaving along with cutting, sewing and laundry facilities, Kaltex plays a pivotal role in transforming sorted denim into a range of fully circular denim products.

This textile-to-textile process offers partners an all-encompassing turnkey system, thoughtfully helmed from inception to fruition by the prowess of ReCircled and Kaltex. Beyond merely enhancing sustainability, the symbiotic partnership champions an emphatic reduction in environmental impact, championing circularity and minimizing waste within the denim industry.

Scott Kuhlman, CEO of ReCircled, shared: “From the beginning, we knew that collaboration was needed to build the systems that allow for recycling textiles at the highest level. With the system we now have in place, it’s finally a reality.”

Eric Goldstein, EVP of Kaltex Apparel, added: “Kaltex has been recycling cotton for 15 years, but now we are truly circular with the infrastructure to pick up cotton products from almost any place in the USA and transport them to our facility where we are vertical from fiber to finished goods. This process is the first of its kind in the hemisphere; it’s transparent, sustainable with a very low carbon footprint, and truly circular.”

The Kingpins Show in New York witnessed the unveiling of Kaltex’s first collection, showcasing the Circular Process on the dates of July 19 and 20. While the partnership is still a work in progress, it holds the promise of positive changes and advancements in the denim industry to come.

In the meantime, more information about ReCircled LLC and Kaltex USA is available on their websites.

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