Oct 27, 2023
by Karl Smith
Satisfy’s CoffeeThermal™ Technology Will Put a Spring in Your Winter Step
by Karl Smith
Oct 27, 2023

Paris-based running label Satisfy is no stranger to nature. Not only are its clothes, accessories and – if you can’t the brand’s collaboration with norda – its footwear, all optimized for the outside world, you’ll also find traces of nature within the products themselves.

Satisfy has a penchant for natural fibers – and, yes, that does include animal-derived elements like merino wool – but, with sustainability at the brand’s core, right next to performance, it’s also always looking to see what else nature can do. Back in June, for example, there was a collection dyed using minerals – a lower-impact way of giving color to – and its latest offering, the re-introduction of “NatureTech,” brings more of that same appetite for the organic.

“We are big advocates for the use of natural materials, such as organic cotton and pure merino wool, in the performance space. Pushing innovation in the natural space is possible, like our exploration of coffee charcoal integrated fabrics.” – Daniel Groh, Head Of Brand at Satisfy

This time, though, the natural element isn’t just aesthetic. Here, in the second NatureTech™ drop for Satisfy, coffee-charcoal-infused fibers – which are created from pre-consumer coffee industry waste and, according to the brand, are “naturally heat-retentive, bacterial and odor resistant” – are used to aid in performance and endurance and aptly dubbed CoffeeThermal™.

You can find this technology embedded in some of the brand’s signature Justice™ garments, like the Thermal Base, Tights, Half-Tights, Gloves and Balaclava, as well as infused into a pair of 8″ shorts.

Expanding the offering from drop one, this release features Satisfy’s CloudMerino™ technology – which, of course, comes with a caveat: simply, if you’re vegan, these pieces aren’t for you.

But, the beanie, t-shirt, longsleeve, gloves, and base layer are hand-dyed, ethically-produced in Portugal and – most importantly – crafted from Japanese Merino Optimo wool, sourced from farm-raised, non-mulesed sheep. (Mulesing, if you’re unsure, being the highly-questionable practice of removing strips of wool-bearing skin from sheep, particularly prevalent and particularly careless in industrial-scale farming facilities.)

“We first started exploring the use of coffee charcoal in 2017, the lean towards coffee charcoal happened when we were looking for a more sustainable and natural approach for our base layer systems alongside a thermal solution for our shorts when used in cold weather conditions. Through a lot of testing and experimentation, CoffeeThermal™ was born.” – Daniel Groh, Head Of Brand at Satisfy

With headwear, gloves and longs-sleeved options in both halves of the collection, it’s certainly a seasonally-appropriate selection – very much ready for the colder months now fully in swing in the Northern Hemisphere (and certainly in Europe). As the tagline rightly says, this is “gear developed from natural materials and optimized for performance.” Performance and planet combined – not in competition.

NatureTech™ drop two is available now, directly from Satisfy, starting at $90 USD for CloudMerino™ beanies, up to $350 USD for the CloudMerino™ Waffle Base Layer.