Nov 10, 2021
by Robert Marshall
Satisfy Running and Runner’s World Magazine Release Vintage Tee and NFT Capsule
by Robert Marshall
Nov 10, 2021

Following their October drop, which consisted of running apparel ranging from shorts to windbreakers, Satisfy Running and Runner’s World are back with a special capsule that combines the past, present and future. The Re‑Possessed collection is a series of 20 bundles, each of which includes a one-of-one vintage running tee, an authentic vintage Runner’s World magazine, and a one-of-one NFT that depicts Satisfy’s signature “POSSESSED” logo in 3D, developed in partnership with Ledger.

“Celebrating the renewed appreciation for vintage and the third running boom, these bundles offer a chance to invest in a piece of running history that come with a unique art object representative of a future cultural tapestry,” reads Satisfy’s website.

The tees are absolutely stunning. Featuring wonderful graphics that date back decades, each tee was “Re-Possessed” by hand with a reflective “Satisfy Running, 2021” emblem underneath the front graphics and screen-printed on the rear with Satisfy’s reflective “POSSESSED” logo.

“We’ve always been inspired by the look and feel of vintage cotton T-shirts. From a cracked graphic to a cigarette hole in the arm, there’s something totally unique about the character of an old beat up tee that can’t be achieved in a synthetic sports fabric,” states Satisfy on Instagram. “Not only do cotton shirts tell stories and have personality, but they’re one of the few garments that improve as you break them in. They soften and mold to your body and develop subtle imperfections that lend them a beauty and emotional charge that only comes with time and wear. It’s this lived-in look that makes them feel special and alive.”

Alongside each tee is a vintage Runner’s World magazine, that also dates back to the ’70s and ’80s, and comes with a recycled cardboard protective case. Completing each bundle is a physical NFT Certificate with QR code access, developed by Paris-based digital asset management brand Ledger.

“We are thrilled to partner with Satisfy to create their first ever NFT collection,” said Ledger Chief Experience Officer Ian Rogers. “We are both based in Paris and run together, so it’s natural to share our expertise in Web3 with Satisfy’s creative vision.

“In addition to working closely on the NFT collection we will also be educating the Satisfy community on how to safely manage and secure their NFTs and digital assets. Our mission at Ledger is to help the world safely store and use their critical digital assets, such as NFTs. Ledger is proud to work with cutting edge brands and communities on this mission!”

Unfortunately, we’re delivering the news a bit late, as the auction went live over the weekend and ended Monday morning. You can still however view the bundles at

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