Feb 03, 2022
by James Roberts
Satisfy Releases a Running Collection Inspired by the Collective Spirituality of Stonehenge
by James Roberts
Feb 03, 2022

Some 4,500 years ago, a group of ancient people dragged Welsh bluestone across a vast distance to a special place in the heart of England. Since then, the Stone Circle of Stonehenge has captured the minds of those in search of psychedelic exploration. It is a gathering place for hippies, mystics, pagans, travelers and anyone else who is looking for a kind of spiritual awareness.

Paris-based running brand, Satisfy, has created a wet weather collection inspired by the phenomena of this ancient monument.

Satisfy’s aim is to alter the perception of running. It sees the sport as a rebellious act that can achieve a new level of consciousness: the “high.” Driven by a spiritual approach to running, this new collection makes a lot of sense. Engineered with technical materials, each item is designed to help the runner immerse themselves in nature and move effortlessly through the landscape in search of the high.

The collection features many of Satisfy’s iconic pieces. Super lightweight shorts with silk linings are equipped with multiple pockets including a tight-fitting phone slot, and rendered in earthy greens and browns. The MothTech tee, with its strategically-placed “moth” holes for increased air flow, has been adorned with a reflective Stonehenge artwork by artist Rebel Yuth. The same artwork is also embroidered on the FliteSilk water repellent cap.

For those cold, windy runs, Satisfy has produced the GhostFleece longsleeve top, constructed with recycled Polartec. Other pieces include the Auralite T-shirt in purple with the “Running Cult Member” slogan, the hand-dyed CloudMerino top, and running tights in the brand’s proprietary Justice™ fabric.

At launch, Satisfy also produced an exclusive NFT in partnership with Ledger, just as it did for its Runner’s World collection last year. The auction raised funds for We Go Outside Too, an organization that helps young kids from the local black inner-city community experience the healing powers of nature.

Satisfy also enlisted the help of outdoors creatives, Dreaded Path and Advanced.rock, to shoot the lookbook. They trekked and ran at the site “not in search of any outward spectacle, but to experience the energy of the Stones and observe inner phenomena.”

Whilst Satisfy doesn’t particularly shout about the sustainability of its materials, all its products are ethically produced by specialists in Japan, Poland and Portugal. But perhaps Satisfy’s approach to sustainability runs on a more philosophical and less tangible level. Just as we might make the pilgrimage to Stonehenge to seek a deeper connection to the universe, Satisfy’s collection encourages a spiritual connection to the planet we live on by supplying the tools to do so. In these connections, we might find ourselves in a closer relationship to the planet Earth. And a closer relationship to Earth can only help us protect it for longer.

Find your own spiritual connection and take a look at the Stonehenge collection on the Satisfy website.