Apr 19, 2023
by Karl Smith
Satisfy Running’s New Collection for Climbers Leaves No Stone Left Unturned
by Karl Smith
Apr 19, 2023

Paris-based running label Satisfy has, over the last few years, brought a certain kind of energy to outdoor gear that its hard to ignore. When you think of Satisfy, you think of an attention to aesthetic detail, a progressive approach to technology and materials, and a drive toward fostering genuine community that goes beyond its consumer base.

The best part of which is that this attitude has been infectious – game-upping, even – for other brands, too. So much so that just the ideas of running and running apparel conjure up visions of clothes and shoes and landscapes that fall in line with the Satisfy philosophy.

Satisfy, though – ironically, never themselves seeming to be satisfied – are upping their own game. Transcending the running niche that has earned them their place in the culture, the brand is turning its hand (and eye) to rock climbing.

It’s a natural progression, in a sense: climbing is an outdoor pursuit that’s all about getting your hands dirty and getting up close and personal with nature. In the bare bones sense, it’s really not that different to trail running – only, instead of being out in the world enjoying nature, you’re quite literally face to face with the Earth; hands and feet gripping its intimate crevices in a precarious, one-sided bargain. Okay, so it’s a little different.

Still, it makes sense that the label whose “POSSESSED” mantra underpins every element of its running apparel would apply that to another kind of calling – one which takes and tests the quality of the brand’s work to new heights.

The collection, aptly dubbed “STONER,” features staple Satisfy silhouettes – including the Aura3D™ singlet, MothTech™ Tee and Muscle Tee, PeaceShell™ trail cap and the SoftCell™ Bandana – as well as new, purpose-designed additions like the PeaceShell™ Climbing Pants and matching PeaceShell™ Climbing Shorts.

In terms of construction, SoftCell™ and MothTech™ are 100 percent organic cotton, while the PeaceShell™ material – an abrasion resistant, lightweight, stretch fabric that repels both dirt and water externally while absorbing and transporting moisture internally – is a bluesign® certified product, ethically produced in Portugal, using EcoRepel® Bio on a 90% Polyester / 10% Elastane base. The Aura3D™ – a lightweight waffle knit, created with insulation, moisture control, fast drying, and odor control in mind – also utilizes Japan-made polyester.

As far as planet-friendly points go, some of these materials clearly do better than others. That being said, the products themselves are designed in such a way as to require fewer wash cycles and to hold up for longer against the elements and the ins-and-outs for domestic laundry practices.

While a more tangible commitment to sustainability would be welcome in terms of construction and a shift away from petro-based fabrics like polyester – although it is worth noting here that Satisfy does engage in efforts like deadstock programs and is clearly making progress – the durability of the brand’s products does go some way toward damage reduction. These are hard-wearing and, ideally, long-lasting garments. Which, of course, makes sense when you imagine them grinding up against the side of a boulder all day long.

Releasing via the Satisfy website on April 20th – with an early-access signup now open – you can take a closer look at the collection in the campaign imagery and product shots above. And, in other outdoor news, check out the latest offering from the ongoing, Earth-focused adidas TERREX x and wander collaboration.