Mar 24, 2023
by Karl Smith
Satisfy Running’s Trailblazer Collection Puts Purpose Before Production
by Karl Smith
Mar 24, 2023

When it comes to running gear, the sharp uptick in quality and functionality of performance technology has been clear to see for pretty much anyone with even a passing interest in breaking a sweat. But those developments in terms of product haven’t always come in tandem with progress in other areas – most glaringly in terms of sustainability.

Satisfy, however – a favourite of both athletes and aesthetes alike – has long been something of an exception to this rule. While the brand has focused on creating and refining lightweight, hardworking materials – having created an enviable roster of trademarked technology from AuraLite™ to TechSilk™ to DermaPeace™ – it has never neglected commitment to an Earth-friendlier way of working, adopting recycled and recyclable materials and sustainably crafted production modes.

Of course, this should come as no surprise: on the one hand, yes, Satisfy is a brand focused on bringing the best possible results to runners – particularly those with a penchant for looking good in the process – but, in almost equal measure, it has always worn a sincere love for the outdoors, for the intricacies and eccentricities of the Earth, on its well-crafted sleeve. In a sense, Satisfy has always been about passing through – about an appreciation for the landscape; not about conquering terrain, but made in service of a sense of belonging. A kind of symbiosis with the world at large.

In essence: a philosophy of low impact.

With the release of the brand’s newest collection, aptly dubbed “Trailblazer,” this ethos and mode of ethical engineering continues to prove a core part of both Satisfy’s USP and its own internal code. Here, high-end materials are built for durability – not just to withstand the elements, but to combat waste; products are made in lower numbers with a view to meeting demand rather than creating it.

Speaking to FUTUREVVORLD, a spokesperson for the brand further emphasized the philosophy behind the collection and its place within the wider Satisfy canon – as a continuation and an escalation of everything it stands for.

“For Trailblazer,” they explain, “we wanted to test out a small batch approach with how we’re designing and producing technical gear. This allows us to “test” and receive feedback on new ideas while ensuring that we’re producing just the right amount of gear based on demand. Our new Patchwork Justice™ Cordura® Hydration Vest is handmade in Portugal and limited to 25 pieces.”

It’s an approach sorely missing in a culture that consistently puts production first and asks question about demand and impact second – or, often, not at all. It’s also part of a wider strategy that keeps the human element in sharp focus as much as the environmental one, serving communities at the same time as carbon targets. “We are keeping our process of producing our garments locally in short circuit, producing in Europe when our fabrics are sourced in Europe and producing in Japan when fabrics are sourced from Japan.”

Comprising hydration vests, t-shirts, shorts, socks and accessories, what that adds up to in practice is a collection built on a foundation of synergy; between place and product, connecting person and planet. And what else is running about, really?

With prices ranging from $400 USD for the Patchwork Justice™ Cordura® Hydration Vest, to $40 USD for Merino Tube Socks, the Satisfy “Trailblazer” collection is available now, directly from the brand’s official website. And, if this piece of planet-friendlier performance running news piques your interest, you might want to check out the collaborative Zegna x norda 001 shoe.

Images: Daniel Navetta / Erren Franklin / for Satisfy.