May 07, 2022
by Carolina Sandeman
SPINNOVA’s Wood-Based Fiber Is Back, This Time at ARKET
by Carolina Sandeman
May 07, 2022

After its initial launch with adidas, SPINNOVA is back with a new collaboration, this time with Swedish brand ARKET. Part of the H&M Group, it’s the first of the family to take a SPINNOVA product to market.

The pair have come together to bring us one of ARKET’s trademark pieces, a men’s overshirt, that’s composed of 18% SPINNOVA fiber and 82% sustainably-sourced cotton. The piece has a looser fit and minimal details, and only a limited number of pieces are available to purchase online and in specific stores.

“It is important to us at ARKET to source new materials, and we are proud to adopt SPINNOVA fiber in our selective material portfolio,” says Pernilla Wohlfahrt, Managing Director at ARKET. “We are excited to provide consumers this innovative product made with SPINNOVA.”

The SPINNOVA fiber derives from sustainably-sourced wood. While the use of wood as a source for fabric production isn’t a new development, with the likes of rayon (as viscose) having been discovered in the 1800s, the main difference between those and SPINNOVA are the innovative and environmentally-responsible production methods the Finish company uses to develop its product. Its production process doesn’t use any harmful chemicals, it also emits less CO2 and uses 99% less water than, for example, traditional cotton production.

By the end of this year, SPINNOVA is set to open up its first commercial-scale factory in Finland. Alongside its investor and joint venture partner, Suzano, it aims to scale its global production to one million tonnes annually within the next decade.

“SPINNOVA is on a mission to transform the raw material base of the global textile industry by providing radically sustainable and high-performance textile materials,” explains SPINNOVA’s CEO and Co-Founder Janne Poranen. “Seeing ARKET use SPINNOVA in their signature, timeless design makes us very proud of this collaboration”

This is a great example of how things that already have some good footing can always be improved upon and made to be more environmentally friendly.

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