Sep 02, 2022
by Carolina Sandeman
Stella McCartney Releases AW22 Kid’s Collection Using 88% Eco-friendly Materials
by Carolina Sandeman
Sep 02, 2022

They say it’s always best to teach kids while they’re young. If you cast your mind back to your school years you might remember learning about climate change, the hole in the ozone layer, and the famous three R’s. While things have evolved and we now know a lot more about being eco-friendly, at that time these were the main focuses. Not to mention, sustainability in fashion was but a faint glimmer you’d get in certain lights, not having yet reached its mainstream boom.

Nowadays, with the rise of sustainability in the fashion industry, it’s a lot easier to get your hands on more eco-friendly pieces. And not only for adults but also for the little ones. Kids today can now go to school looking stylish all while being earth friendly.

The new season’s kid’s collection from Stella McCartney has got the kiddos covered for the coming school year. Tapping into child-like energy, the AW22 collection aims to reinvigorate creativity, curiosity, and of course a thoughtful consideration for Mother Earth.

The back-to-school pieces take inspiration from nature using fun plant and animal prints. The collection features planet-friendly materials, such as organic cotton, forest-friendly viscose and recycled fibers. With the use of these materials, the collection reaches an 88% eco-friendly materials percentage.

From denim jackets to shirting, and rucksacks, the collection is filled with essential pieces that will ensure your child is ready for the new school term. For the boy’s collection, the designs offer a sense of playful humor to the classroom. Counting with color-blocked and rainbow sweaters, funny-faced T-shirts, monster print co-ords.

For the girl’s collection, you’ll find tumbling apples and worms iconography. These motifs are backdropped by ruffled dresses, skirts, bucket hats and matching parkas, along with joggers and sweatshirts. For the final nature-inspired touch, the collection also includes a mushroom-inspired beret, alluding to a toadstool.

You’ll also find smiling flower designs, statement sweaters, tie-dyed trousers, cosmic star cowboy boots, and heart-shaped eyewear made with bio-based and renewable materials.

The collection is tinted with fun, lively colors, and while bright and colorful tones aren’t usually what one thinks of when considering a winter wardrobe it’s a great idea. Instead of leaning into the dark and dreary colors that already surround us because of the worsening weather, throwing on a pop of color can brighten your mood.

The new Stella McCartney Kids Autumn/Winter 2022 is already available to purchase, both in-store and online, just in time for the new school year.