Jan 21, 2022
by James Roberts
Take a Trip Into STORY mfg.’s Handmade and Natural AW22 Collection
by James Roberts
Jan 21, 2022

STORY mfg. continues to make a positive impact with its AW22 collection, “Try Try Try.” In the new lookbook, we get a glimpse at what’s to come, and it’s much of what we love about the UK brand: carefully considered processes and materials that take care of the planet and its people.

The collection, as ever, is all naturally dyed, using plant sources such as heartwood, indigo, berries and roots. These create the earthy tones which STORY mfg. is known for – browns, greens and oranges that wear and age over time as part of their natural progression. But there are also brighter notes in this collection including a new “almost luminescent purple that should wear down over time to a cool pink.”

This attitude to the future of STORY mfg. items is part of the brand’s ethos. Change is natural and we should embrace it. After all, “they are just clothes,” as the brand’s website states.

The shapes of the garments stay true to the relaxed and oversized style of STORY mfg. Loose, baggy silhouettes with large (and useful) pockets like the Peace and Forager pants are paired with jackets and pullovers that puff naturally. This collection also sees the addition of some new “stripped-back, easy items such as the outdoors Paco Pants, utilitarian Peace Jacket and coach style Worf Jacket.”

Dresses and shirts feature different types of block print. Some are all-over repeating patterns. Others enlist the artwork of Shana Sadeghi-Ray: mushrooms, elephants and apples appear in a seemingly random arrangement the brand calls “Scorpio Trip.”

Other joyful and colourful graphics can be found decorating the knitwear pieces. Root vegetables, gourds and celestial bodies dance playfully together on pinks, blues and whites.

Knitwear is becoming more of a highlight within STORY mfg. collections. All knitted pieces are done by hand by the brand’s partners. These take time. A long time. But the brand is ok with that because it knows the pieces will be worn for a long time too.

Another thread running through this collection is the Star Scraps Patchwork story that began its life last season. These pieces are made from offcuts, extra yardage and scraps from past collection, cut into star shapes and layered together in a patchwork. This process is used across jackets and shirts, plus a puffed scarf with “MFG MFG MFG” written across it. There is also an all-white and ecru version too.

Everything has been touched by the hands of the artists, artisans, weavers and other craftspeople that STORY mfg. partners with. Hand embroidery, hand crochet, hand prints, hand knits, hand dyeing and hand weaving are all techniques used throughout the range.

The theme of this collection is one we can all relate to: trying and failing. (And it’s often more of one than the other.) The collection “sees us continue to…try. We try new things, fail often and succeed sometimes,” says the brand in its press release. Those successes are evident in every item, which are full of care, attention and love for the planet. As one of the knitwear pieces so plainly says, we live on the “No.1 Best Planet.” So let’s try to look after it.

The collection will release this summer. In the meantime, take a look at the STORY mfg. website to learn more about the brand’s Earth-friendly processes.