Nov 02, 2022
by James Roberts
Go Back to the Basics With the Naturally Dyed STORY mfg. ROOTS Collection
by James Roberts
Nov 02, 2022

In a blog post, ​​Saeed Al-Rubeyi, co-founder of STORY mfg., writes about an experiment where trees were planted in a glass biodome in Arizona. In this controlled space, where they had everything they needed, the trees grew and grew until eventually, they collapsed under their own weight. It turned out that their cushty lifestyle would be their downfall. Without challenges from the outside world, without the wind pushing and pulling them, the trees didn’t grow strong roots. Without adversity, the trees didn’t build the character they needed to withstand even their own weight.

In the turbulent and adversity-rich times of the last couple years, STORY mfg. has refocused on its own roots. The foundation of the brand has always been in nature, utilizing what it offers to create clothing that has a more positive impact on the planet. It’s realized this realignment in a new mini collection called ROOTS.

ROOTS features some of the brand’s most popular silhouettes, stripped back to the essentials of material and color. All items are naturally dyed with fruits, roots, bark, leaves and microorganisms, and made with 100 percent cotton or cotton-linen.

Al-Rubeyi says, “ROOTS is the kind of quiet craft we love – the kind which is almost at odds with itself. It looks simple but is in fact extremely complicated. It looks effortless and easy, but is the result of extreme effort and skill.”

Anyone who’s ever tried natural dyeing knows that a successful outcome is no mean feat. To produce the array of beautiful colors that ROOTS offers is the result of many years of expertise and knowledge. There are a total of eight tones and colors, ranging from earthy browns and greens to playful purples and yellows. There’s also a natural undyed ecru and an almost-black made with a mix of fermented indigo, myrobalan and iron.

The four silhouettes are some of STORY mfg.’s most loved shapes: Greetings Shirts in long and short sleeve options, Lush Pants, and Shop Tote. The only extra embellishment is a small cross-stitch on the shirt pockets that reads “STORY mfg.” These are everyday items that can work together or work in any wardrobe. Even the colors all work together so you can mix and match. As Al-Rubeyi says, “these are items you can wear as a full look to a wedding, a party, the library, work, pub or pottering around the house.”

In its simplicity, ROOTS offers something quite understated and beautiful. By letting the play between natural dye and textile do all the talking, we see what STORY mfg. truly cares about: considered items that care for people and the planet.

Shop the collection on the STORY mfg. website now.