May 26, 2022
by Carolina Sandeman
TARPLEY Brings Sustainable Tech to Fashion With Inaugural Collection “000”
by Carolina Sandeman
May 26, 2022

The new contemporary fashion brand “TARPLEY” has stepped onto the scene, launching a brand manifesto along with Collection “000” as the driving force for its creation.

Founded by designer Tarpley Brooks Jones, the brand aims to create the world’s most enticing luxury fashion. Hoping to achieve this status by speeding up the fashion world’s transition to sustainable energy processes.

Jones uses the brand as a vehicle to explore the “Buddhist Tech Minimalism” a concept that he’s coined to drive the brand’s aesthetic. This idea manifests in the collection’s pieces with razor-sharp cuts that create a minimal silhouette.

In speaking about this approach, Jones told FUTUREVVORLD:

“The themes we illustrate and the stories we tell are a commentary on the current moments and vibes of the world, but through a Buddhist lens in aim of finding a rational middle which ultimately is the truth and everlasting. The clothes are an extension of this energy where instead of constantly creating for novelty, we iterate for perfection or ‘truth’ through our core offerings. Everything we make is meant to last, and we want our garments to be able to tell stories about moments in time of your life as it goes along the journey with you.”

Through the use of high-tech fabrics and luxury quality craftsmanship the brand produces its clothes and accessories thinking about how it can create items that are positive for the world, while having the lowest climate impact possible. Focusing on textiles, the brand uses sustainable and technological materials like apple leather, abaca leaf, bio nylon, and organic cotton. High-end production, ensuring quality, and the longevity of its designs, are another goal of TARPLEY. All the pieces are handmade in NYC’s garment district by some of the best pattern makers in the world.

The “Buddhist Tech Minimalism” concept behind the debut collection stems from the point of view Jones wants to share with the world. On an ideological level the brand breaks these down into the three ideas: Buddhism contributing to the ability to stay present in the current moment; Tech offering new ideas and innovative sustainable fabrics developed through new technologies; and with Minimalism as the wave length that flows through the aesthetic and the construction of pieces that are created to last a lifetime.

Jones’s vision for the brand is both simple and complex, but very much in line with a more sustainable fashion industry. “From a tech/sustainability perspective there is a dichotomy that exists between the technical and the natural in solving problems and creating solutions. My dream for TARPLEY is to run our own seed to sow operation in the US, something that I think would be the most logical conclusion to supply chains, transparency, and self-sufficiency.”

Collection “000” references the nothingness that inspires new ideas and features a range of pieces, for both men and women, in a black and white color palette. From technical coats and artisanal hoodies to paneled print outerwear you can now purchase them on