Oct 11, 2021
by Sidney Pacampara
The Iconic and AirRobe Launch Seamless Secondhand Service Online
by Sidney Pacampara
Oct 11, 2021

Australian online retailer The Iconic and secondhand fashion provider AirRobe have partnered together to launch a brand new service that allows customers to instantly recycle, resell, or rent out their clothing at a later date. Shoppers who are making a purchase on The Iconic website are now able to register their product in AirRobe’s marketplace as part of their “Circular Wardrobe” as soon as they buy their items through a custom widget found on the product page and during checkout.

The new feature makes The Iconic the only online multi-fashion brand retailer in Australia to provide customers with an easy solution for extending the life of their favorite items. “Together we join forces to accelerate the circular fashion movement, by providing Iconic customers with a seamless solution to shop more responsibly. This partnership brings us one step closer to addressing industry-wide sustainability challenges, and further demonstrates our commitment to becoming the most planet positive retailer in ANZ,” says The Iconic CEO Erica Berchtold on the AirRobe site.

Circular fashion has been a major topic in the sustainability conversation as of late, and while brands like Nike and retailers like Farfetch have introduced programs that provide a second life to product, the decision of what to do with your worn clothes is done once you’re ready to part ways with the items. In contrast, The Iconic’s intention is to get ahead of it as soon as you intend to buy and make recycling, reselling, and renting as part of the whole consideration while purchasing.

“We’re bringing resale to the fore, at the very start of your purchase process. Before now it has been an afterthought,” Berchtold told AFR. “Right then and there, you get an indicative price of how much you can expect to sell your item for. And the person they are reselling to will feel more comfortable knowing they have the credibility of The Iconic, and knowing that it is from The Iconic in the first place. It takes the guesswork out of resale and we believe that will lead to greater uptake of the circular economy.”

Although secondhand fashion may be an afterthought, it has surely grown to be a viable market thanks to many online consignment and thrift services such as Depop, ThredUP, eBay, and many more. The experimentation of the secondhand market done by brands is a result of needing to rethink the traditional clothing and retail model overall. ThredUp has reported that 43% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with a brand that lets them trade in old clothes for brand credit, and 34% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with a brand that offers secondhand clothing alongside new. This surge in shopping options have made consumers more aware and open to brands leveraging the aftermarket as part of its sustainability efforts.

The ease of the AirRobe function on The Iconic’s product pages makes the widget the differentiator. “With AirRobe, shoppers never have to go through a manual listing process for reselling their pre-loved fashion again,” said AirRobe CEO and founder Hannon Comazetto. “We are thrilled to partner with Australia’s leading online retailer, The Iconic.”

Expect to see more implementation of AirRobe’s one-click feature as the company aims to rollout the widget to other retailers as a way to retain customers, increase revenue, and improve sustainability. In the meantime, you can read more about The Iconic and AirRobe’s partnership at

In other circular program news, New Balance recently announced a new refurbished sportswear collection with circular solutions provider The Renewal Workshop.