Apr 02, 2023
by Sofia de la Cruz
Tommy Hilfiger and Shawn Mendes Re-Design Pre-90s Prep With Sustainability at Heart
by Sofia de la Cruz
Apr 02, 2023

American-cool label Tommy Hilfiger has tapped multi-platinum singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes to unveil a capsule collection bringing new life to pre-90s classic prep; a move made with sustainability in mind, through the use of recycled and innovative materials.

The partnership embraces Mendes and Hilfiger’s shared vision of sustainability and highlights relaxed fits, original comfort and inclusivity. In essence, the Tommy x Shawn Classics Reborn delivers contemporary ensembles that were designed following four eco-conscious principles: color, materials, self and community reborn. The first two pillars ensuring that the collection hinges on tangible, sustainable innovation, while the second two reflect more philosophically on a contemporary way of living.

The 28-piece menswear and womenswear collection features materials crafted from recycled textiles and delivered in vivid hues – most notably including recycled cotton, wool, and regenerated nylon ECONYL®. In particular, Recycrom™ uses a new, innovative technique to make a dye that reprocesses fibers from pre-consumer factory cutting waste into a colored powder.

At the same time, cutting-edge technology creating comfortable new fibers out of recycled textile incorporates Circulose® into the garments, a material made from recycled textile waste and blended with wood fiber, which ensures discarded cotton textiles can be part of a circular recycling system.

It was also crucial for the duo to reflect on ideas, passions and perspectives while emphasizing that it is vital to surround yourself with people that encourage you to be better. Thus, the promotional campaign unites a cast featuring the singer’s friends and family, as well as advocates for sustainability and next-generation creatives.

As per the label, “The Tommy X Shawn Classics Reborn collection marks another step towards realizing our vision for sustainability, as we aim to create fashion that Wastes Nothing and Welcomes All. Shawn is an impressive young man and an advocate for positive change. We’re proud to partner with him and continue playing our part in creating a more responsible future of fashion.”

Shawn Mendes added: “I’m so excited to be working with my Tommy Hilfiger family on the Classics Reborn collection. The collection is so special to me because I was able to work with Tommy Hilfiger to co-create this range which includes these amazing, high-quality, sustainable versions of their most classic clothing items.”

The Tommy x Shawn Classics Reborn collection is now available to shop online and in-person across Europe, where selected retail venues will curate in-store activations spotlighting change-makers in local sustainability movements. More information regarding the collection’s sustainability story and less-impactful innovations is available to explore on the brand’s official website.

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