Jun 29, 2022
by James Roberts
WAWWA Takes a Peak at Utopia With a Collection of Vegan Utilitarian Garments
by James Roberts
Jun 29, 2022

The idea of utopia means many things to many people. For us at FVV, perhaps it’s a future paradise where we’ve learned to subsist on what already exists, forgoing the need for the production of anything new at all.

In its Spring/Summer 2022 collection, WAWWA takes inspiration from Thomas More’s book Utopia, and its own imagining of what a perfect future looks like. A future of vegan friendly materials, unisex cuts, functional details and methods of production that care for the land.

WAWWA is a UK brand based in Manchester. Its aim is to make “clothing that puts people and the planet before profits.” It starts with organic, recycled and planet-friendly materials that are made into functional items in its own independent and local factory. Since 2017, its products have been completely vegan.

The majority of its production is now done in-house. This gives WAWWA full control over its supply chain, enabling it to train local people, pay them above the living wage and keep Manchester’s heritage of textile manufacturing in the city. Other products are made to high ethical standards in Portugal and India.

WAWWA also gives back to its community. For every product bought from its 1+1 collection, another is donated to the homeless. This range includes useful items like warm socks, hats and scarves. Since 2015, the brand has donated over 10,000 accessories to rough-sleepers.

It’s clear from all this that WAWWA is doing its best to achieve its own version of utopia. Now, let’s go back to its latest, outdoor ready collection. SS22 is full of wardrobe staples finished in earthy tones such as greens, khaki and browns, bright oranges and neutral tones from raw undyed cotton. There are graphic tees, cargo pants, Cuban-inspired shirts, shorts, sherpa vests, and comfy sweats. WAWWA hasn’t skipped on the accessories either: there are a wide array of hats from buckets to boonies; bags including messengers and totes; and a ripstop wallet.

Although mainly unisex, the collection also includes a handful of more feminine cuts such as the cargo skirt and fitted T-shirts. In keeping with this utilitarian approach to design, many of the items include some nifty functional details. All the trousers have an adaptable waist and cuff toggles to transform them from a relaxed to a tapered fit. The skirt is made from a cotton that’s equipped with crease recovery characteristics.

Taking a closer look, you’ll find that the zama pants are made with recycled denim. Pieces such as these and the cargo shorts, shirts and skirts, are made to order. This is a great way for WAWWA to ensure that it doesn’t overproduce and create waste. But it does mean you’ll have a little wait before your order arrives.

The graphic tees and hoodies are printed with visions of utopia and use water-based inks, free from harmful PVC resin and plasticisers. Zips are made from recycled plastic bottles, shock cord adjusters from upcycled wetsuits and canvas hats from post-consumer waste. In its search for utopia, WAWWA has found Earth-friendly solutions at every turn.

We can see the effort, work and dedication in every piece of this collection, and we look forward to getting our hands on some of it soon.

Part of the SS22 collection has launched now on, with more on its way.