Sep 13, 2023
by Sofia de la Cruz
William Ellery and 1733’s Bag Collab Brews the Way for Earth-Friendlier Dyes
by Sofia de la Cruz
Sep 13, 2023

In a long-overdue exploration of natural dyes, William Ellery, in collaboration with bag maker 1733 and led by designer Phil Schade, have introduced the “Daypack” – a compact travel companion crafted without the use of harsh chemical colorants.

In a way, it almost seems like the partnership is saying, “Wake up and smell the coffee” to the fashion industry.

Hand-dyed in the heart of New York City, the creation arises from recycled coffee grounds sourced from SEY Coffee’s Ethiopian Bera blend. The result is a rich, warm golden hue achieved through an organic dyeing process that imparts each bag with a unique blend of colors, tones and saturations. This method not only lends an individual touch to each bag but also elevates its aesthetic appeal. The Ultra200 fabric, once brewed, undergoes an overnight steeping process, followed by a 24-hour sun-curing phase, culminating in a thorough washing.

Additionally, the bag is equipped with waterproof materials. Yet, it’s worth noting that there is no adhesive or tape reinforcement along the seams, which enhances the recyclability of the product.

Hailing from Brooklyn, William Ellery is renowned for its limited-run outdoor workwear, tailored for those dedicated to advancing scientific exploration and research. The Daypack upholds this reputation by offering impressive storage capabilities despite its diminutive size. Rigorous testing has demonstrated its ability to accommodate a camera, film, sunglasses, phone, sit-pad, lunch, snacks, jacket and a one-liter ultralight water bottle.

Speaking about the collaboration, Ellery shared: “Phil and I have been working on creating a bag that functions as an ultralight daypack while still performing in a metropolitan setting. The goal was to create the lightest possible daypack that utilized the materials you carry already to improve functionality.”

The dye and color industry are widely recognized as major pollutants in our water systems, making experiments like this one highly welcome. We hope to see more brands joining forces to create coffee-dyed products.

For those interested in acquiring the unique bag, it is now available on William Ellery’s website.